Random weekend catch up

The children have been really good about getting into the piano practise now we have a printd schedule and the timer.
Shanni left her clarinet book in town so Dave picked it up for her.
In the meantime she was wanting me to find her piece on the net.
I found ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ – but it was for saxophone.
It was in a different key to what she was learning.
I was quite impressed that she easily transposed it on the sheet music.
So was her teacher when I told him!!

I was even more impressed when I came out and found Mahalia playing it as a duet with Shanni.
And they even managed to get most of it in time with each other!!
Not bad for a couple of beginners eh?

Azzan is having major problems with his scales.
He was getting so frustrated this morning trying to play both hands together and getting the right thumb under and left finger over in the right places and still keep it all in time.
He can do each hand separately quite easily.
But boy oh boy!
You should have heard the huffing and puffing and frustration coming from him today.
I sent him off for a run around the house.
I got him to slow it right down.
I got him to play other pieces instead.
And still he got mad – with himself – and with everyone else – esp Nathan for looking at him in the wrong tone

Hopefully a good night sleep will calm him somewhat.
I am leaving Manja to assist him as she is a accomplished pianist and an outsider.
He is beginning to develop quite an attitude at times which I am not letting him get away with.
He has begun to roll his eyes and give me some very stroppy body language at times.
Darling boy!
He thinks he knows what I am going to say/ask him so gives me this look, which of course I cannot handle.
He gets sent to his room or made to change the attitude fast.
Easy & better to deal with (well somewhat easier) at 7 than 17!!

One of the pots on the verandah has grown a watermelon and a pumpkin from apparently nowhere!
They are amazingly fast growers.
Shanni was meant to transplant the pumpkin a couple of days ago but it is nearly too big now.
Lots of flowers on them both so hopefully with good watering they will produce some great fruit.

I went out this arvo to get the clothes of the line and caught a glimpse of white under the dahlia.
Marco had found a great hidey place out of the sun.

Nathan has been hammering and digging and getting his new old steps in place.
Don’t think he quite knows how to deal with the bottom part just yet.
Be interesting to see if he has a go or waits for Cat to come home to assist him.

At least he has the large hole filled in so I can get to the clothes line without breaking my neck now.

I went for a wander around the path to check out the garden this arvo.
Shanni’s ‘Poppi memorial’ daphne bush is doing well.
It is in just the right place.
Outside her window and it gets the full afternoon sun.
It is also protected by these amazing flower plants which I cannot remember the name of.

She is counting down the days now till her new bird arrives.
4 days to go.

Azzan has cracked us all up over the dinner table these past two nights.
Last night he all of a sudden announced,
Nathan would you stop behaving like a teenager and grow up!’

Tonight he said to Nathan,
Speak to the hand, the head’s not listening.’!!

Shanni has been in a rather crazy mood this arvo.
I have been trying to leave last minute instructions.
Don’t know why I bother telling her anything.
I am sure I have told her and everyone what time I am leaving several times and what my plans are.
And still she asks the same question

We all sat and watched ‘Iceage 3’ last night while waiting for the men to come in.
It is so funny.
I love how they mix old music and quotes etc with a childlike story to appeal to all ages.

I have been trying to get everything sorted for this week.
Can’t seem to get into gear.
Anson went to Nelson today and bought himself a 2nd hand freezer, a 32″ tv and I haven’t heard what else yet.
He is going to be doing the Thursday taxi run for me this week.
I thought it was going to be relatively simple as it was going to be a no piano day.
But just discovered yesterday that the kids will be having music lessons after all.
So had to get on the phone and juggle things around to fit it all in.
I have been googling maps etc for him so he know the easiest routes to take between all the lessons and how to find all the places we go to.
I am sure he will have everything sorted and they will all have a fun day.
But whatever happens Anson will still moan and groan and tell me what pains his younger siblings were/are!!
But we don’t believe him for a moment.
We know he loves them all to bits


One thought on “Random weekend catch up

  1. what a lovely musical house you have :)keep practicing Azzan would it not be easier to have learnt to play with both hands right from the beginningI understand some of his frustrationas a child I learnt to play the guitar when I got to high school I decided to learn the violinI didnt last very long – it was so hard after the guitaryum watermelon 🙂 

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