The new wharf – pilecapping.

Work has begun on the wharf.

Our wonderful, talented builder/engineer friend Dave (I know he reads this so I have to keep him buttered up so he will return soon ) drove in Saturday morning in time for breakfast and then spent the rest of the day getting things underway.
He brought with him a special level thingee with which to make the job not only easier but straight and true.

Tim got PL3 going and they used it to work from to begin with.
It was a beautiful clear, calm, sunny day.
Perfect conditions.

As the tide was out they were able to get the pile caps done at the beach end.

Some of their antics looked rather precarious!

Glen finally arrived after lunch to give a hand too.
One of our not helpful Lodge guests had played with his outboard and it took him several hours to get it going.
Frustration to the max!

Once they had the level marks on the piles they cut a flat area into piles to fit the pile caps against.

Graham was also here so with 4 of them working together and Nathan at times things ticked away quite merrily.

Graham & Dave consulting
or is Graham telling Dave what to do??

Anson and Glen zoomed out in the dinghy to set a net and then went back out later to pull it in.
They got a few fish to add to dinner.
Anson was doing stock work most of the day so whenever I looked out the window it was a hive of activity in the yards, shed and at the beach.

They worked until quite late.
Dinner was around 8pm.
Dave was the first guest to stay in Anson’s ex room!

This morning Dave & Tim were down working before the sun hit the beach.
They were now using the children’s raft to work off.
It makes a good platform.

The tide was very, very high today.
I told Tim at lunch time about the huge earthquake in Peru and the tsunami warnings that were being broadcast.
So that explains why the tide is higher than normal for a full moon.
No tsunami here as such but tide surge which is apparently sposed to keep happening over the next few days.

Then the tide got too high to work so they hopped on board the ‘PL3’ taking Maja with them.
Transferred onto ’88 South’ and went out to gather some mussels.

Dave had to head back home after a quick lunch.
Thanks for all your help Dave.
Appreciate it, and your smiling countenance
(just thought I would throw in that new word that the kids discoverd today!!)

Tim & Graham carried on throughout the rest of the afternoon.

When they were manoeuvring the 8m long pile cap Nathan went down and gave them a hand.

They will have 10 x 8m caps to attach at the large end of the wharf.
Quite a major as they are so heavy and unwieldy.

Love the steps and the floating jetty

In the late afternoon sun today.
The tide is out again.
Things are progressing well.

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