A day in town and Mothers night

Thankfully the rain had stopped when we left Thursday morning.
It did mean the road was not dusty too.
Always a bonus.
It was cold though.
On arriving in Nelson the temperature was 8’C.

We got to music just as Nick was unloading the van.
Great timing cuz Sally and the kids were there too.
Arranged to pick up Kashana after music.
I left my crew there and buzzed off to do some jobs.
Picked up the youngest 3 plus Kashana at 10:30 and headed into town.
Dropped Shanni off at Katherine’s.
Mahalia & Azzan had dentist appointments.
Both have their accident damaged teeth to monitor.
Azzan’s xrays are fine.
Mahalia’s are showing some changes in her damaged tooth.
James is going to suss it out with a specialist.
So far it has been going well but there is some slight changes in the appearance of the nerve.
Please pray that it does not die and the tooth will be saved.

Got a quick lunch and then headed to gym.
Met up with my other two there.
Gave Kashana back to her folks.
Nathan had an accident when jumping into the foam pit but I never realised how bad it was cuz he never really said.
He just raided the first aid bag and taped up his foot.
I had to drop the kids off fast and get to my chiro appt by 3:30pm.
The days I race to do this he is always running late.
Can’t win.
Anyway, he read my xrays this time.
It appears I have a problem which probably stems back to over 25 years ago when we rolled the landrover.
Sort of a side ways whiplash that has never been treated.
The muscles in my C2 & C3, I think it is, are pulling the vertebrae and twisting them.
That is why I feel such a lump in my neck and the pain that comes from that.
Because it has been untreated for all these years it is now transferring muscle pain and constrictions etc further on down my neck, clavicle, shoulder regions to compensate.
They have to be taught to pull correctly and between the chiro and the massage therapist they are hoping with intensive treatment over the next few months they may be able to get it all functioning normally again.
Be nice

Tim picked up the children.
Nathan went with Yari to Vertical Limits to climb for a few hours.
Tim took the kids back to the house we are staying in and got them fed and into bed.
I got changed and drove to Richmond at a snails pace in the midst of 5pm traffic.

I had organised our Term 1 Mothers Night out at Cafe on Oxford.
We had a brilliant turnout – 23 in all.
Quite a few new mothers which was fantastic.
Nice to have this opportunity to met everyone.

Here are the early birds.
Jenny, Ainsley, Corene, June, Bronwyn, Angela & Sally.
Becky and I were at the other end of the table.

We of course had to re arrange all the tables as we like to be around one together.
Kim and Elaine chatting across the wide void.

Most of us had preordered so we had our meals by 7pm.
They were all delicious.

I had a great time chatting with Karen and Becky.

Bronwyn, Angela and Sally down the other end of the table.

Phillipa & Victoria having a chat off to the side.

Rachel & Kim – last to finish – obviously the one doing all the talking

Then desserts.
Angela got the first Brownie Stack.
It looked so impressive.
She hasn’t eaten it yet.
That lovely  bump is ALL baby

Estelle had to cancel out at the last minute but the chef mistakenly prepared her dessert.
So I had to help out – couldn’t have that ice cream melting and the brownie wasting.
I was VERY glad of Karen and Becky nearby to help eat it.
It was to die for and ever so excessively rich.
I brought my cheesecake dessert home for dinner tonight.

Nicole did a superb job of waiting on our tables.
I know we made her job harder by creating that huge table and all the noise but she served us all with a smile

And Rachel’s wee man slept through most of it.
Isn’t he gorgeous.

Chrissy bought Nathan out with her after climbing.
I then discovered that Nathan had really hurt his foot at gym and made it way worse at climbing.
When Yari was belaying for him someone knocked into him and he slipped causing Nathan to fall and of course he landed on that foot!
So we came home and I iced it and bandaged it and put him to bed in the downstairs room with pillows under his foot.

2 thoughts on “A day in town and Mothers night

  1. @rethanybae – thanks Bethany. I really feel very positive about my shoulder and neck now. Feels like I am onto the right health providers and they are onto the right treatment!! Nathan is trying to weight bear today so I am hoping he will be off the crutches soon.

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