Our French guys last night

Wednesday night after dinner
Nathan challenged Stephane to an arm wrestle.
As you can see they were fairly evenly matched.

And now the left hand!!

Stephane won both times – just!
You can see by his colour how much energy he was exerting.
However he declared he would NOT be challenged to another with Nathan after the next two years cuz he would be far far too strong for this old man

After all of this the guys went out possum hunting with Anson.
Then they watched ‘Danny Bhoy’ and didn’t get to bed till after 1am.
So the next morning they were all rather sleepy on it.
But they had to be up before 8am as they had a ferry to catch in Picton at 1pm.
Tim cooked up mussels for their breakfast.
They enjoyed them!

Maxime and Anson arrived around.
Maxime got stuck into the butterscotch coconut dessert I had made the night before but no one had yet eaten.

He LOVED it so they all got into it.
Wasn’t a lot left by the time they departed.

Anson with the French Port Ligar rugby team.
Maxime is going home to practise and get strong so he can come back for the world cup.

They finally left at 9am.
We were all sad.
They were not keen to go but time constraints sad they had to.
Anson went back to do housework and rest up a bit.
The weather was not terribly condusive for much outdoors work as it was incredibly windy.
It was sposed to blow up to 35knots around our area and 50knots in Cook Strait.

It was very quiet then.
I got the kids to sort out sleeping bags and clothes.
The girls played with the Lego most of the day.
Then we sat and watched ‘Ella Enchanted’.
It was all part of our Cinderella unit and a great time to blob for a bit too.
Tim fixed my Safari.
The filters were blocked terribly so that is why it wouldn’t go anywhere.
Now it goes like a rocket!!

It came into rain, thunder, lightening, blew a gale.
Power flashes.
Quite dramatic afternoon.

Had to do some paper work for Tim.
Got that out of the way finally.
I managed to get reasonably organised although I didn’t feel terribly that way.
Got to the spa and bed well before 10pm.

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