Friday – not really the day I planned but it was okay, I spose ;-/

The wind was blustering about the house so loudly that I was awake very very early.
Tim & I talked for several hours, we hadn’t really had that opportunity for quite some time.
Been a bit like ships passing in the night for weeks.
Then all of a sudden I realised that it was 7:10am.
It was all go.
Woke the kids.
Sussed out Nathan.
He couldn’t put any weight on his foot
So I made a couple of calls.
Found Yari was keen to take Nathan’s place.
Organised with Chrissy for her to meet Tim at 3 Brothers corner at 8:15.
Hey – that’s only 40mins.
Made scramble.
Chuck food into chilly bin.
Throw breakfast at Mahalia – always the last to get there!!
Push girls out the door to Tim who was already waiting in the truck.
They have gone.
Big breath!!
Now, we can tidy up, dress and get ready for our morning.
My plans have had to change
Call the Dr.
Appointment at 11:15 for Nathan.

Out the door.
In the Safari.
Nelson temperature this morning was already 20’C.
(Yesterday at similar time it was 8’C)
Starbucks and florist.
Then drop Nathan at Zumo – cafe with free internet – Nathan is in heaven
Then Azzan and I met up with a few other homeschoolers to do a tour of the Post Office sorting area and see how snail mail happens.
Not a lot of that these days so good for the kids to be made aware of the behind the scenes stuff.
Because I had the Safari and the only park available nearby was between two other cars it took me a while to park the jolly tank.
So they had all gathered and were about to start by the time we got there.

We were given a guided informative tour by the Nelson/Marlborough manager.
He was great.
Very personable and good with the kids.
He began the tour with the posting box outside.

The children had all bought letters to post.
A lot drew their own stamps on.
When I asked about buying stamps he said they didn’t need them and that he would see that they all got posted – wasn’t he a sweetie ;

Then he unlocked the box and took out the red bag.
The key to unlock is computerised and tell when and how often each box has been unlocked and emptied.

Inside the bag is emptied.

The mail is sorted address side up.
He took out the children’s mail and we followed those letters through their journey as we toured around.

Two volunteers sorted the letters.
A bit slower than the paid mail workers

Then the letters were whizzed through the franking machine.

He then talked to the children about addressing the envelopes and what was needed and necessary on each envelope.

Reiterating the journey via the poster.

Then back through the area where the mail is put after the night sorters have put them into bundles and then into these slots so the posties can take them for delivery.
Each item gets handled at least 13 times from the post box to the delivery!
So remember that next time you moan about postal charges

The trusty 5 speed bikes the posties use to deliver all the mail.

It was a very interesting hour.
Thanks NZ Post.
You actually do a realy great job

As I was walking back to the Safari I noticed a framed poster in a shop window.
Went in to ask about prices.
Ended up getting two of the series.
Original posters in solid oak frames at a real bargain price.
Can’t show you what they are yet cuz they are for a present for someone who reads my blog!!

Then I went to pick up Hopalong Cassidy aka Nathan.
The Dr gave his foot a good look over and decided x-rays would be the best option.
We had 30mins before they could do it so I whizzed Azzan into Postie Plus.
He urgently needed another pair of shorts and undies.
The lady showed me a pair of school shorts.
Very nice.
You gotta be kidding!
Checked out a sales rack and found not just one pair to fit the lad but two.
And the prices were $10.50 and $8.40.
Two pairs of very trendy cute pants that will fit him through next summer as well.
That was certainly more to my liking

Back to Nelson Radiology.
They took several x-rays.
The Dr had called before we got there to order another one.
She was not going to muck around by the looks of things.
The Dr was busy and couldn’t read them straight away.
So we left to go visit another tertiary institution and suss out some info for Nathan.
Yet another place that the govt has tied up in knots and 16 is the red tape minimum age

Got a call to say the Dr couldn’t find any breaks at this point.
So we whizzed into Prices Pharmacy and hire a pair of crutches.
Nathan was a lot happier with those to use.
I was starving by this point so we went to Morrison St Cafe and met Phillipa there for lunch.
It was good to sit a while and chat.
The day had come out very hot.
We hopped back intot he car.
Sweltered our way to the YMCA to suss out some more courses.
The govt has them tied up in red tape too.

We said goodbye to Phillipa and headed into the Info Cenre to met Hanne & Le=innea.
Our two new Swedish wwoofers.
Drove back to Alan’s to meet up with Tim.
Seb popped up to say g’day to his Dad.
When he finally arrived he loaded on the fridge that had been fixed.
We swapped kids.
The wwoofers and Nathan went home with him.
I took the youngest 3 and headed back into the city to meet Seb at Starbucks.

We sat upstairs and blobbed a while.
The girls filled me in on their day.
Seb took forever.
Finally we met him on the street at 6:15 just as Phillipa arrived too.
We stood on the street for ages and talked in the cool of the evening as the kids rarked around the stone statue and Jacob & Azzan whizzed up and down the pavement on a skate board terrorising any of the late shoppers.

Cotton On was still open so Phillipa and I went to have a peek.
They had a heap of sale items and specials happening.
So we had fun.
The girls got tee-shirts for $5.
Shanni found a cute one with – guess what? birds on it
Mahalia was bemoaning that no-one makes tee shirts with horses on them and then she found one – just one – long tee shirt/dress thing which was way too big for her – but it had a zebra’s head on it.
How could I say no??
Plus it was marked down more than the sale label said!
I bought a cool pair of pj pants and a new cuddly dark blue spotted dressing gown at half price.
All ready for winter now.

We finally decided it was time to go.
Got back to the house at 8ish.
The kids had porridge for dinner.
I ate my cheesecake left from Mothers night.
Don’t ya just love city slumming living?

They were all pretty happy to go to bed so I sat up and played on my laptop and talked on the phone and just chilled till it was far too late and my coach turned back into a pumpkin.

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