Saturday in Nelson

I didn’t get to sleep til very late so was rather needing sleep on Sat morning.
However I was woken at 7:10am but the sounds of ‘Amazing Grace’ being played on the piano down stairs by a small boy playing – with both hands!!

I guess it was sorta like being woken by the dawn chorus!

We got up and while the children had breakfast and packed I got the washing on and had my shower.
It was blowing really hard still.
We cleaned the house, loaded up the Safari and headed into the city.
I had a few things to do so while I was in Farmers the children went to Crackerjacks.
Mahalia had some birthday money from Granny & Graham to spend.
When I caught up with them she was deliberating over the Schleich horses.
Here are the ones she eventually decided to add to her stables.

We then went to suss out the Saturday market.
It was fun to wander around looking at everything.
The gusts of wind were proving to be rather a pain.
Every now and then a big one would hit and people would grab their stuff.
I saw a book stall go flying – books everywhere.

I met a girl from my high school days who actually recognised me.
Her face was familiar but I had to ask her who she was.
Well, I hadn’t seen her in over 36 years!
Then we found a stall selling cds and dvds and advertising The Valley of Horses in Golden Bay.
So of course we had to stop and chat a while.
Sika and his partner Caitlin also are musicians.
It looks like we might have to go for a holiday over there as the girls are very keen to ride their horses.
They teach natural horsemanship.

We caught up with our nurse Charlotte.
Haven’t seen her in ions cuz she has had a huge op on her shoulder and has been out of commission for months.

Shanni kept on being stopped by people wanting to ask about her bird.
She was quite an attraction on her own.

I had told the children they could get something to eat at the market.
Lots of choice but they finally decided on hotdogs on sticks.
Then all they wanted to do was go to the $2 Shop.
I guess it was more in their price range

So we did a fast shop there.
Azzan’s buy was purple hair dye spray.
He had a long chat to the shop attendant and discovered that it shampoos out easily so therefore Mum would be okay with him buying it

The kids had had enough of the market so we headed back to the car.
Met up with Amy & Phil on the way.
Hadn’t seen them in years so was lovely to catch up.
Chatted awhile.
Realised it was midday so we then had to move it fast.
Zipped into Richmond Mall to get sushi for lunch.
The kids ate and changed into their riding gear as we drove to Edencourt.
I left them there for a couple of hours and went to pick up Sally.
We drove onto Wakefield and blobbed out in the sun at the Chateau Rhubarb cafe.
We talked and ate and enjoyed iced teas.
Divine peace and quiet.
That’s if we turned off the sound off Tinga telling us very loudly that he didn’t want to be in his cage in the car all alone!

Dropped Sally home and got back for the kids at 3:30pm.
It was a blustery sweltering afternoon.
Got a few groceries, ice blocks and a frappacino as we whizzed back through Nelson.
Called back into the house to make up the bed and lock up.
All tidy.
Thanks so much Frances and John

We all just wanted to get home so drove through with only one stop at Okiwi Bay for the kids to play for 10 mins.
The sun was setting as we drove towards Elaine Bay.
It was beautiful.

Shanni was eating an apple and I was rather amused at Tinga.
He wasn’t going to let her eat it all by herself.
He loves apple.
Especially if Shanni is eating it with him.

We arrived home at 8:30 and found Nathan home alone.
Tim etc had cleared off to D’Urville Island.
So we unloaded, unpacked, got the washing started and put kids to bed.
Nathan had had a restful day with his foot up so that was good.

I am hopeless when on my own.
Hate going to bed.
So I pottered around for a few hours and then read till about 1am.

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