A nice languid Sunday

The children were all up playing soon after 7am.
I could hear them in my half awake stupour.

The sky this morning was very stormy.
Quite picteresque though – I thought the clouds looked like a water colour painting.

We all had a pretty quiet relaxing day.
I pottered around.
Sorted out clothes.
Changed my bed sheets.
Started tidying my room.
Put several loads of washing through.
Caught up on my blog etc.
The kids all were allocated a task each.
Shanni cleaned the kitchen and did dishes.
Mahalia swept the wash house area.
Azzan swept and tidied the living room.
Nathan did what he could – some piano and school work.
I eventually went out this afternoon and lazed in the spa and read my book.
I am onto Book 3 of Genghis Khan.
I love the depth & accuracy of research that Conn Igulden has done plus the fact they are extremely readable and very very gripping stories.

I saw the boat approaching so I decided it was time to hop out!
I had more washing to hang on the line and my sheets were dry so Shanni helped to make our bed.

Mahalia was sorting out all of her horses so I had to take a photo of her entire stables

We did a bit of internet research about the Schleich horses and from there the Haflinger horses.
They look like they could be a good breed to have here being Austrian mountain ponies.

Tim dropped Anson off to get his truck.
He drove over to Waterfall Bay so they could unload the boat there as it is easier at a wharf.
They had all had a great time.
Anson shot a deer.
Hanne & Linnea helped to clean up all the food etc and Nathan directed the unpacking of the camping gear.
Tim eventually arrived in and collapsed on Shanni’s bed.
I found him gently snoring.

Shanni was so proud of her tidy room so here you can partly see it.
I can vouch that it is tidy – the floor is clean and everything is put away.
Most unusual!

We cooked up some cod for dinner and had that with the leftover campers goulash.
When they are out camping Tim combines everything they have into one pot to make their meal.
Looked totally gross but everyone enjoyed it and came back for more.
The fresh salad appealed way more to me.

There is a cold southerly pounding on the beach tonight.
TIm and the girls are complaining of the cold.
I guess they haven’t warmed up from the boat yet.
I am snug and cosy in my new dressing gown and pj pants which I have been wearing ALL day

I think it might be beneficial to head off to bed fairly soon as the next 3 days will no doubt fly past very busily till our last town trip of the term.

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