Sunday on the road again…..

We had a lot of road to cover on Sunday so were up and gone by 6:30.
Tim wandered out just before we left so I got some farewell pix.
I think he is trying to keep up with Leeann on the hairstyle stakes

Sunni is very taken with the cats.
She had them sleeping with her in the hut!
Mo proved to be a calmer sleeping companion than Jynx who along with a heavy dose of chocolate kept her awake most of the night

We had to stop to take photos along the way.
Sunni was wanting to share them with her friends back in the big smoke.
Mahalia began saying that if we kept stopping we would never get anywhere!!

We got breakfast along the way and we managed to get to Blenheim in good time.
I dropped Sunni, Hali & Zani off to spend some time with Granny at Redwood before 10am.
She had moved in on Saturday so is still getting her room into order.
I left Sunni with my camera so these are a few of what were taken.

I met up with Duncan at Mum’s and we loaded the computer and desk into the car and onto the truck and took it up to the resthome.
I was very glad to have Duncan to help as the desk is rather large and heavy.
While Mum was having lunch we unloaded it and installed everything and got it up and running for her.
It was a good time to do it as all the ‘inmates’ were having lunch and we were able to trundle it through the hallways without running anyone over

We had to get back over the hill to Nelson so said our farewells and took off.
It was jolly hot and we were all in quite a sweat by this time so we stopped to fuel up the car and get ice creams and cold water for us.

2 hours later we met up with Seb at Starbucks and had an hour chilling with him.
He then took Sunni and Azzan, who would not be parted from her, to the airport.
Mahalia and I took the route over the hill and met them there.
We had a few minutes to catch up with Amy & Terence before they flew back to Palmerston North which was cool.

Then it was time to say goodbye to Seb as he was parked in a 2min stop over!!

Sunni’s flight was called so the wee ones strangled hugged her for the last time and we left her to board.

Some of the artwork at the airport.
Azzan had seen it before but Mahalia was suitably impressed.
a Drysdale made completely from horse shoes.

The kids hammed it up with some of the other art works as we were leaving.

We zipped back into town and got chinese take aways for lunch/dinner and took them to Margaret and Dave’s to eat. The kids played with Sophie & Katherine for an hour or so and then we drove down to the Nelson School of Music and sent a very enjoyable evening at ‘Oliver’.
It was extremely well done by the Nelson Youth Theatre.
The kids were enthralled.
Nancy had us all gripped with her rendition of ‘He needs me’.
Brilliant night

We spent the night at Dave & Michelle’s.
Thanks for the beds D&M – appreciate you both immensely

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