Catching up on this week

I didn’t sleep a lot on Sunday night.
Too much swirling around in my head.
So I was wide awake when Dave & Michele got up at 6am to head off to work.

Despite the late night the kids were up around 7am so they had breakfast while I showered and then we packed the car and headed off into Nelson.
I shot up 2 flights of stairs (oooh!! and did my leg muscles tell me that they were still not happy – but I was determined not to use the lift) for a 2min chat with the accountant and then got my breakfast at Starbucks and carried on over the hills to Blenheim.

I took the children to the library and got them sussed there.
Was a bit unhappy about leaving them unattended but as they know the place and love to hang out there they were quite happy to stay put upstairs and blob out among the books and computers.
I went down the street and spent an hour or so with Mum’s lawyer getting all the necessary paperwork for her Govt Subsidy application.

When I got back to pick up the children Azzan was playing on the computer and Mahalia was stretched out on the floor reading. They had a large pile of books to check out.
We were all starving by this time so we shot around the corner and met Sylvie at Checkers.
She had been enjoying a l-o-n-g massage so was all chilled out
We had fast lunch and then Sylvie took Mahalia off to do a few jobs and Azzan & I drove up to see Mum.
We spent the next 3 hours going over paper work, dealing with red tape and sorting phone, internet, insurances, tv, and everything else to do with her move from home.
Sylvie & Mahalia arrived a while later.
The children were so good.
It was a long 3 hours for them.
Mum’s room has a garden window and door leading out into a garden and lawn area.
So they spent a bit of time out there playing, doing handstands, and chatting with the gardener.
Mum was feeding them up on chocolates too.
I got Mahalia to get the dvd player from the car so they lay quietly on Granny’s bed for the last half an hour and watched a dvd.

Late in the arvo Sylvie reminded me I had to get back to the lawyers to pick up more papers.
So I shot off to do that before they shut.
Then back to Mum’s house to find more stuff I needed.
We blobbed there a while with Duncan & Sylvie.
It was getting late so I loaded the kids on board, called in to Domino’s and got pizza to eat on the way home.

The kids ate and then watched a movie as I drove.
It was after 10pm when we arrived home.
Tim & Shanni were in bed.

Tues – Thurs
have been busy days
recovery days
I have been trying to get all the paper work finished for Mum’s application.
It has taken quite a lot of time to get everything sorted.
I have desperately needed a nana nap but have not yet found time to have one

We have had the Older family staying in The Cottage this week so the children have been having a high time with their crew.
Pine Huts has been reopened and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
There has been kayaking, swimming, fishing, walking, talking etc by children and adults alike.
Azzan escorted the Older family to Waterfall Bay around the track and then back around the beach.
He was so tired when he got back he asked if he could go rest

Shanni has been doing a lot of mountain biking around the farm.
She is off out several times a day.
The girls have been playing in Sylvania.
All the children have been great with doing chores around the house.

Tuesday the rain came in and by night time we had a humdinger of a storm blowing.
Horisontal rain and wind pounding the windows.
The phone went out for a while.
A good night to go to bed early so we did.
I soaked in the spa first though with the wind whistling around my ears

Wednesday morning the dawn colours were absolutely amazing as they reflected on the bay.

Tim and the guys have been working on the wharf and getting a fence line ready.
Tim has also had the bulldozer out and has created a road for Anson to drive the 4wd on and pushed in a new fence line.

Tanguy & François had a change from farm stuff on Thurs arvo.
They sat out in the sunshine and peeled and cut up a large box of pears for me.

Colleen and I have talked school stuff, she has been having a good look thrugh my curricula.
I have been trying to think about what we are going to be doing at school next week.
I physically and emotionally haven’t don’t feel like I have had a holiday yet and school officially begins again in Monday

I have finally finished the 3rd book in the Genghis Khan series.
I was totally gutted that he was killed by a woman and not in battle.
Anyway, now I have to wait until Sept till the 4th book is produced.

I am sure there has been other things happening along the way to report but my memory banks are quite empty right now so I will finish here.

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