Friday at our place.

I had just typed up this whole entry and somehow it disappeared in front of my eyes
So here is an abridged version.

I got a photo of Tanguy & François after breakfast before the men went off to work.
Tanguy was leaving on the mailboat.
François is rather happy with his red sox!!

Tim was back on the bulldozer today.
He is a bulldozer fiend.
When he get on he is gone for hours and creates havoc!

We have 4 sponsored children so I got the children to write letters to them all today.
Azzan & Mahalia spent ages drawing pictures and decorating them with stickers.
I have a large collection just for this purpose.
It is one thing that we are allowed to send them in the mail.
Our children live in Mexico, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso & India so it is a wee geography lesson each time we talk about them.
They are also similar ages to the girls which makes it more relative too.

Tinga was being very funny.
He was doing summersaults & flips on Shanni’s pencil

The Olders went over to Waterfall Bay so took Tanguy with them.
It was a lot less stressful knowing he was already there to catch the mailboat.
Anson did arrive at the wharf in the dinghy just as the mailboat was steaming into the bay.
So he zoomed up and picked up our two new wwoofers.
Heather from Alaska and Alexandre from France.

Shanni is being rather crazy at present.
She takes great pleasure in being noisy and blonde.
I love her individuality.
But sometimes the incessant, unnecessary noise and stupidity gets on my wick majorly.
Mahalia commented this arvo that Shanni had obviously taken an excess of happy and blonde pills today!!

After lunch they went for a walk with Shanni to take Tim some food.
Anson & François went over to Pukatea to help Graham and brought back a load of firewood plus some corn & beans which we will have to process tomorrow.

I made a yummy beef casserole today.
I used the left over fluid from last night corned beef.
It gave it a very delicious flavour.
We ate it with new potatoes and fresh bread & butter.
Dessert was freshly stewed pears with coconut custard.
Simple but extremely delicious.

I have just put the children to bed.
The adults have gone to Anson’s to watch rugby.
I have the house to myself so am going to go finish watching the movie I started last night.

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