Term 2 has begun


Well, even though I was here alone I still got up early.
I worked in the study for several hours.
Didn’t want to go out to the kitchen too early and disturb Tinga cuz I knew once he was awake he would be wanting out of his cage and I would be mother.

I finally went out and rescued him.
We had an interesting day.
He was very good.
I let him sit on the kitchen bench and gave him some fresh pineapple and silverbeet.
He played/ate some of that.
I went off to do things and when I returned he was over on the couch by the fire.
He had hopped/splatted down and walked across to where he wanted to be.

He did that several times throughout the day.
I did get him outside in the sun for a while too which gave me a break from his inquisitve beak and claws.
He likes to eat my necklace and examine my hair etc which I actually don’t enjoy.

I watched a movie while I ate lunch.
It was a thriller so best watched during the daylight hours

I made a few cards in the afternoon.
In between ushering the pup back up to it’s quarters.
It was being rather naughty and pushing the gate open and getting out.
One trip down here I was in the study working and she appeared at my door.
Needless to say she didn’t get a very positive response from me!

The campers didn’t get home till 7pm.
It was dark so they left most of their gear on the boat to unload in daylight hours.
The children got showered and off to bed.
They had all had a wonderful time.

Cat caught this grand daddy of a crayfish and used my bathroom scales to weigh it.
It was just under 3kg (6.6 pounds)

Cat story was that she nearly drowned getting the crayfish for me!
She was determined to get him but she couldn’t get into the hole he was hiding in without taking off her bc and regulator.
When she got him out it sounded like he fought like the Kraken.
He got a good grip on her crutch and put a hole in her drysuit.
Somehow it got past onto Leeann and proceeded to put up a good fight with her and gripped her arm so it lost several of its legs in the process!!

Just before it got put in the pot!

The fighting claws were huge.

They also caught this humungous moki.
I don’t think he got weighed.

They also bought home 4 deer. Nathan shot one and Leeann the other 3.
So there is venison for Africa at present.
Our freezers are all full and everyone is getting very tired of eating it.
Azzan did suggest that no-one goes hunting for a few months


The new school term has begun so we were in the Terrano and off to town again.
We were able to leave an hour later than usual as there was no music lessons.
It was a very full day with heaps of driving back and forth from Nelson to Brightwater and around the city.
I left Nathan in Richmond at the library.
Then took the other 3 out to Edencourt for riding.
Then I sped back into the city for my dentist appointment.
I had lost the front half of a near front tooth so needed to get that dealt with.
After that I had time to zip into Starbucks for a frappacino.
I noticed they were advertising Raspberry & White Chocolate frappacinos so asked if they were coffee based. I don’t like the cream based drinks – make me feel sick.
‘No, not usually but lets experiment,’ the girl said.
So she made up a small drink for me to try.
It was delicious so she made me a ‘Venti Coffee-based Raspberry & White Chocolate frappacino with no whip’ and said she would name it after me
So while sipping my new deliciously yummy drink I zoomed back to Brightwater to pick up the children at 1pm.
Callum & Olivia were chuckling over Azzan’s antics.
Shanni was riding a different horse so she could learn to jump.
Mahalia has been riding for about half a year now and Callum was getting her ready to do a higher jump.
He got her all set and ready to go when he all of a sudden saw Azzan lining up behind her ready to follow her over the big jump on his little horse
No worries from that kid!!
Needless to say Callum managed to stop him – but probably not for too long I reckon!

We picked up Nathan from Kip McGrath on our way through Richmond.
I had quite a long list of things to do for Tim & Anson and managed to tee everything up like clockwork and get everything done as I travelled between lessons.

I dropped the children off at gymnastics and hurried to my chiropractic appointment.
It was all good until the very end when he tried to manipulate my neck.
The muscles were pretty tight and I came out of his room in a lot of pain, feeling sick and on the verge of tears.
I then went to visit Scott and had an intensive half hour neck, shoulder and back massage which helped get things sorted again.
Chrissy had taken my crew from gym to dancing and music as I couldn’t get back to them in time.
I did few jobs and got to dancing just in time to talk to Azzan’s teacher.
She said Azzan is very enthusiastic and helps motivate all the little girls
I was still feeling yuck when I met up with Chrissy at dancing so she gave me some Nurofen which helped immensely.
I am all good now thankfully.
The muscles were just being over protective from the tweaking.
I picked up all the crew and we went up to the hospital to visit Jenny.
She has just had a knee replacement.
She and David were delighted to see us.
We chatted a bit and then left her to have her dinner.
We got some food from the supermarket and headed home.

Tim and the guys were fencing all morning.
Heather cleaned up the hut and got packed.
She and Pauline dug more manure.
Pauline carried on working in the garden after Heather left.
The black currants now have a new home and room to breath.
I did multitudes of washing – thankfully it was a good day for drying it.

I was planning on getting some school work done today but everyone has just been way too busy.
Nathan & Cat were finishing off the steps up to his room.
I must get some photos tomorrow – looks great.
Shanni & Azzan have spent a lot of time cleaning bedrooms today.
Nathan is also having a huge clean out – there is clothes and furniture and toys being brought down and distributed. Azzan is the happy recipient of a large box of toy soldiers that Nathan has collected over the past few years.
Cat thought he should have some more boy toys!

Mahalia has a sick chicken.
So she has it in a box above the kitchen stove to keep it warm and is feeding it with a syringe.
Not sure if it will survive but she is giving it her best shot.

Today was a day of leavings.
Alexandre left on the mailboat.
Then Cat, Leeann & Heather sailed off in Alibi.
They are heading to Mana and staying the night at Port Gore.

Heather, Pauline & Alexandre just before Nathan zipped him up to waterfall to catch the mailboat.

So we were back to a small family tonight.
Only Kevin & Pauline here and after tea they went off to watch rugby with Anson.

I had a chat on the phone with Mum this arvo.
She is getting frailer by the day.
Ruth & Sylvia took her to the park yesterday for lunch.
She enjoyed that but gets very tired from any exertion.
Her legs are not co-operating now and she is having to use a wheel chair and have two nurses to help her to the bathroom etc.
She has lost a lot of weight – only 43kgs now.
I found out yesterday that her internet connection was going to take much longer to be reconnected and so I called up to see what was happening.
Got no help at all so voiced my displeasure at their slow service.
An hour or so later after searching for a complaints number on the website I called back again and got a more helpful person.
He said he would go to the technicians and appeal to them for some faster service.
So we shall see.
If nothing happens then Mum won’t be reconnected to the internet until the 28th.
If they decide to be nice then it will be sooner.

Tim & I have just watched ‘Mongol’.
I must say that after reading all the books about Genghis Khan I was extremely disappointed in the movie.
It was really weird and not in any way remotely like the real story.
Glad I only hired the dvd.
So, if you haven’t seen this movie – don’t bother 

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