Called to Mum’s bedside today

We had a busy morning on Saturday.
Tim & Kevin worked on getting the log splitter motor going.
It’s been a bit of a mission getting the new motor married onto it.
It has required a bit of lathing etc to get it connecting smoothly.
Nathan & Tim tried it out in the arvo and got a truck load of wood split up.
Great to have it functioning ok again.

Pauline cleaned up the hut and finished planting out the black current plants.
They had been sitting at the end of the vege garden for quite a while since Phillipa gave me the cuttings.
She & Heather dug over the area that the rhubarb came out of and added a heap of manure and then spaced them out more. Now they have lots more room, hopefully we will get some good crops.
Just got to get pea straw around them and water onto tem and they should be fine.

The children all pitched in and did a heap of room cleaning, vacuuming, kitchen and living room tidying etc. I managed to get a huge pile of washing through and on the line.
It didn’t totally dry as the weather changed in the afternoon.
Quite an impressive cloud bank began rolling in from the north bringing some much needed rain in the evening.

  Pauline & Kevin headed off after lunch.
It has been fun having them to stay.
They are both very bright and happy to have around.

I blobbed out in front of a movie in the afternoon.
Tim slept.
I told the kids to buzz off and do stuff away from me.
I needed some time out.
I watched ‘Riding in Cars With Boys.’

We had whitebait fritters for dinner.
Well, Tim & I did.
The kids don’t like them so I wasn’t going to waste them on them.
They had boring old venison steak and were very happy with that!
The children and I watched another Hilary Duff movie ‘Raise Your Voice’ while we ate dinner.

Tim had a very sore back so crashed out on our bed.
Nathan & Shanni did the dishes.
Then when I went to look for the little ones to tuck them into bed I found them all up on Shanni’s bed.
Azzan was reading to her.
He was very excited that he could read ‘Go Dog Go’

Mahalia told me very excitedly that he could read the Dr Seuss books easier than some of his other reading books and that she was very happy to help him read them.
I love helpful big sisters
Just as well we still have a good collection of his books.
I have also just found this wonderful interactive Seussville site.

Tim & I had a spa once they were all tucked into bed.
That helped his back heaps.

This morning was the first morning in ages that we had no extras in the house and didnt have to get up for any particular reason.
It was rather nice.
I was just chilling and thinking I might make the kids pancakes.
But then I got a call from the resthome saying that Mum was not at all well and that I should come out.
So I zoomed through the shower.
Threw what clothes etc together that I might need and was gone soon after 10am.
Left the family with instructions on what needed to be done.
Stopped off to see Anson and then was on my way.
I hit thick fog for a lot of the trip.
Got to Blenheim around 1pm.

Duncan & Sylvie had come in as soon as I called them and sat with Mum all morning.
Ruth arrived just before me.
We have all been here since then.
Mum is in a lot of pain so they have applied a ‘patch‘ which is suppose to help but they are also topping it up with morphine regularly.

I went outside this evening and saw this beautiful cloud formation with the sun streaming through.
So lovely.

The nurses and attendants are all lovely – very caring and gentle.
They gave the others a roast pork lunch and then tonight they brought Ruth & I a lovey tray of sandwiches and fruit for dinner.
Duncan & Sylvie left before dinner cuz Duncan has work tomorrow,
We have been in constant contact with our two bros in Aust and all the other extended family.
Everyone is being very supportive.
Ruth has gone back to Mum’s house to sleep for a while so I am camped up here in her room.
She has been very restless so they have upped her morphine to try and control the pain she is ahaving in her legs. Seems to be working at the moment as she is sleeping more soundly.

She wakes whenever anyone talks to her and is quite lucid.
Just extremely tired and sleepy from the medication.
She told me when I arrived that she is ready to go.
So we all pray that it won’t take too long.

I am off to make myself more comfortable for the night.
Will update tomorrow.
Thanks everyone for support and prayers.
We appreciate them, your messages and you all 

4 thoughts on “Called to Mum’s bedside today

  1. During this sad time of transition my hope is the love and prayers of your many, many friends–including those of us you’ve never met in person–bring you some comfort Raewyn.  Our thoughts are with you.

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