A night on the town.

We arrived at Mum’s house and discovered I had left the door key at home on the Terrano’s key chain – duh!
Thankfully Ruby was not too far away so we didn’t have to wait too long to get her to open up for us.
We unpacked.
The kids attacked Ruby with hugs and cuddles and lots of excitement.
We ate snacks and drank drinks and then got washed up and changed into our glad rags and headed out the door at 7pm.

We had tickets for The Sound of Music at  The Marlborough Civic Theatre.
It has been getting rave reviews so I was glad to be able to bring the kids over to it.
Because Nathan went home with Gary I offered his ticket to his cousin Ruby.
She gladly accepted them and we enjoyed her company.

It was a great show.
I am glad we made the effort to go.
Azzan was beginning to fade by half time but he managed to get to the end without going to sleep.
It had been a long day for him so he did well.

On the way home we stopped off at Seymour Square to go visit the coloured fountain.
My children always love to see it but we don’t usually stop.
I had fun with my camera while they had fun with crazy antics.

Then over to the War Memorial clock tower,

…where Ruby gave them all a history lesson.
There is Richard William Mapp – your great grand uncle.

On the way back to the car a young male voice with a strong American country accent said
‘Miss Ruby! You are under arrest for stealing a cup of water from that there coloured fountain.’
You are hereby sentenced to 20 years in prison.’!!

The Court House steps looked like a pretty cool spot to pose too so we had to go there.

Smoking guns!

It was a fun ending to a good night out.

Then it was back to the house for a quick snack and off to bed.
We are camping here cuz there is not a lot left in the house.

Ruby & Azzan are sleeping on the sofas and Mahalia is on the floor.
Shanni and I are on the two remaining beds.
But we have the heat pump on so it is quite cosy.

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