I set the goal of leaving by 5:45am this time.
So we did well and were gone by 5:55.
We took the Safari cuz Douglas was hitching a ride out with us.
It was weird driving it again after so many weeks of driving the Terrano.
It is manual and a heavier vehicle.

I had a VERY busy morning this time.
Lots of to-ing and froing.
Dropped Douglas at the Info Centre then Shanni off at the chiropractor at 9am.
Zoomed out to Richmond.
Left the other three at music.
Then zipped back to pick up Shanni and take her to meet her prospective speech & drama teacher.
Had a successful visit with her.
Shanni is very excited about starting classes with Adele next Thursday.
Then we headed back out to Richmond, picked up Hali & Azzan and took the three of them out to riding at Brightwater.
I then drove back to Tahuna to get the bulk shopping down at Trents.
Managed to get that done and still had time to stop off at Pak’n’Save in Richmond.
It is always dangerous to stop and chat when you are in a hurry in a supermarket.
But I hadn’t seen Murray & Marie for so long so we chatted a while.
The lived down home in The Croft for a number of years after Tim’s mother moved out of it and were like surrogate grandparents to our older children.
He is turning 80 in July!!

I had to really move it then.
Whizzed through the checkout as fast as the teller would allow – which wasn’t terribly fast
Then grabbed the lunch order.
Sushi for four of us and then saw the queue at Macca’s was way too long so got a sandwich for Azzan instead of his kiddie meal.
The lady asked me if it was takeaway and I said yes.
I paid for it and took off out to the car.
Unpacked everything and then couldnt find the sandwich.
Sure enough!
I had left it on the counter in my haste – duh!

Text Callum and asked him to have kids ready when I got there as I was running late.
They came running as I drove up.
We picked Nathan up on the way back through Richmond and headed to Tahuna – again!
This time the kids piled out to pick up feijoas that Sally had told me to come and get.
They got several bags in next to no time.
Thanks Sally – we all LOVE feijoas.

We got to gymnastics with time to spare so was able to stop and take a breather for the first time all day.
By then I had done all I had on my list.

Chrissy and I chatted while the kids had their hour of gym.
They all had a great time.

At 3:30pm I dropped Shanni off at clarinet and singing and took the other two to dancing.
Nathan sat in the car and read his book.
I went and watched the first half of Mahalia’s jazz lesson.
The were doing bar work and other floor exercises.
In case you can’t tell already,
Mahalia is the long lean lady in the pink shorts and tee shirt

Then I popped next door to watch Azzan’s ballet class.
In these photos he is the long lean machine in black!

These next photos just cracked me up!!

The expressions I managed to catch on the kids faces are priceless

Both the children are so much taller and leaner than the other students.
They tend to look all arms as legs!
But they are enjoying it and doing well so that is cool.
Mahalia would really like to do exams but as it would require extra days in town we will give it a miss for now.

Nathan whizzed over and got our order of sausages from the nice man outside Countdown.
He knows us well now!
Nothing like a good feed of bbq sausages in bread with t-sauce, mustard and onions after they have been exuding so much energy.

I got a frappacino and then we picked Shani up and were outa town by 4:45pm.
Gary was at his gate and we unloaded all the shopping into his truck and Nathan went with him.
They were driving to Port Ligar tonight so they can get on to shearing tomorrow.

We carried on over the hill to Blenheim.

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