Friday disappeared easily.
We slept in a bit after our late night.
Had to wake Ruby to get her to school on time.
Kids got organised and I managed to get dressed just before the real estate agents arrived at 9am to do appraisals on the house.

Then I loaded them all int he Safari and we headed off to do all the jobs on my list.
Popped into visit Rowena & Matt.
Kids enjoyed a half hour together before we went to see Kirsten for a few minutes.
She was showing Shanni how to clip Tinga’s wings properly.
But he was totally unimpressed by the whole deal and she only got one down.
But as they haven’t grown terribly much it was okay.

We then met Sylvia at the library.
She took the kids, I took Tinga back tot he house and headed through to Picton to meet up with Duncan.
He showed me around the building site.
It is a new centre for Coastguard and St John’s Ambulance.
It was really cold and trying to rain.
We went to the Echo and had lunch up on the top deck.
It was freezing.
Talked for a while and then I took Duncan back to work.

When I got back to the house there was no sign of anyone. Called Sylvie and found them at the park.
They had just gotten there and had found Ro & Matt and kids so were very delighted.
They wanted to stay there a while so I visited Jess on my own.
One of these days I will get to take my kids to meet her kids!!
We had a cuppa and a chat and a cry.
It certainly was a day for that

Then it was back to the house.
Said a big thank you to Sylvie for baby sitting and then we began packing up the Safari.
It was getting late and cold.
The kids were in VERY high spirits and driving me totally nuts.
I needed to take 5 so heated up some Apricot pie and sat for a few moments to eat it before we left.

We then popped into visit Conny for a few moments.
That visit took several hours.
The kids played with hers.
We sat and talked.
Pete came in and the kids began making pizza so we ended up staying for dinner.
The children had a ball hooning about outside playing spotlight.
It was great – burnt off some of their energy.
I finally dragged us all away at 8pm and headed off home.
Called in briefly to pick up feijoas from Ruth.
She was out so Ruby got us sorted.

It was a long drive home.
I was so tired.
Emotionally spent.
My eyes were really struggling to stay open.
I had to stop a couple of times to rest them.
We got back around 11pm.

We all fell into bed.

This morning the phone woke us at 7:30am
Normally we would be up and going for it but neither of us was today.
I went back to bed for another hour.
We have all been tired today.
So I stayed in my dressing gown and pjs all day.
We have unpacked the Safari.
The kids have done a few chores.
I sat by the fire all morning and read a book and ate chocolate Sultana Pasties.
Then I watched ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ with the children at lunch time.

Anson drove out with a load of wool today.
They were shearing while we were away.
Got it all done on Friday so getting the wool out the day after shearing is a fast turn around!
He is over at a party at Manaroa tonight.

I went to bed for a few hours this arvo.
Read another book and slept a bit too.
A lot of catching up to do!

There was the most beautiful rainbow this evening.

Tim & Arjan have been working on the wharf all day.
He is making progress slowly.

The chore chart has been turned for a new week.
Shanni is on washing duties.
She finds it much more of a chore than Mahalia did!
Hali is learning how to light fires and get the wood in etc.
Nathan cooked dinner tonight.
Azzan is on evening dishes this week so he chatted away with Arjan as he dried them.
Azzan is on floors this week so we had sweeping lessons this morning.

I am off to bed again now.
Have only got 4 days left to do the gst this month so am going to try and get a lot more sleep tonight so I am brain fresh to begin the attack tomorrow.

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