At the climbing wall

On Wednesday the four children joined with around 25 other home ed kids and climbed the walls at Vertical Limits for a couple of hours.
It was interesting.
For all the climbing that my older children have done I have never been a part of it or watched it first hand.
So I was the novice.

It took a while for the lady to find me a harness as all the adult ones were in use.
But once she did and she had shown me how to belay we were all go.
While we were waiting the older three got climbing with their friends and Azzan took off up the bouldering wall doing a spot of free climbing.
I seem to recall something about not climbing higher than your shoulders but that didn’t seem to deter him!

Then Mahalia joined him and they crabbed up the wall flat out!

Once I got my harness Azzan was away laughing.
No fear in that lad.

Shoshannah and Kathryn teamed up and belayed for each other.

Mahalia having fun on the climbing ladder.

Kathy belayed for Nathan a few times.
He certainly is a different weight to belay than his young bro!

It was a great afternoon.
Hope we can get back there again soon.
The kids all loved it.

2 thoughts on “At the climbing wall

  1. Fun.Our new home has a fireplace wall covered in rough rocks.  Bri, my climber, headed for that wall first thing.  She’s made it from one end of the room to the other without touching the floor.  She would LOVE this Vertical Limits place. 

  2. @KirbysWyfe – Bri would so love it Kari. There will be climbing walls near you for sure. Just look about. I have all my kids wanting to go. They have to be over 12 to belay though. Nathan is off to climb again with friends tonight.

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