Our weekend

It pretty much rained continuously from the time we arrived home on Thursday night.
A freezing southerly was moving across New Zealand leaving a trail of snow and flooding in it’s wake.
No snow or flooding for us thankfully – we just got lots of the cold wet stuff.
Friday was a lazy day with the fires blazing to try and keep us all warm and cosy indoors.

I spent all day in my dressing gown and pj’s.
It was the sorta day that made it feel right.

Anson drove out to town to sell his possum fur and skins.
He took Arjan with him.
Tim is going to miss him. He has been a great help.

I received a phone call from Shoshannah’s music school.
As an incentive to have their students term fees paid promptly they said that all who paid early would go into a draw to win $200 of grocery vouchers.
They called to say I had won!! 

Mahalia is on dinner this week.
She and I made a chicken casserole with roast potatoes.
It was delicious.
It had lots of olives in it much to her delight and some of the others abject horror 

Saturday I woke up feeling totally yuck.
My neck was stiff and sore, my head was aching and my hip and legs were aching.
I got up early and thought about taking some pain killers but once I stood up I felt better.
But then when I lay back down again my head started aching again.
It was too darn cold to get out of bed though so I huddled for another hour before I got up.
Then I did take some Panadol!
I wallowed under a very hot shower for ages and started to feel a lot better.

Azzan & I made mixed berry, banana & white chocolate chip muffins for brunch.
They were very delicious.

We did try and do some school work.
I managed to get all the books from the school room (it’s way too cold down there to work) onto the kitchen table and sorted them out.
Went through Nathan’s work books and decided that I needed to do something differently with his maths.
He is having problems with fractions and as I always struggled at school with them I felt we both needed help.
So I dug out some Key to Fractions books which I had used for the older children.
We are going to wade through them just to get a better grounding before he crries on with Math-U-See again.

I turned the left over chicken casserole into soup by adding lots of tomato and spices and letting it cook away in the slow cooker.
For dinner we had steak and roast veges, mashed pumpkin and cauliflower in coconut cream.

Shoshannah gave me a great massage.
Feet, legs, back and shoulders.
She is just the best
I was in bed before 9pm.
Tim reckoned I was snoring soundly by the time he came to bed.
I slept through till around 3am.
The rain had stopped and the moon was so bright.
The night was shining with silvery light.
I couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up at 3:30am.
Made a cup of lemon ginger tea and made cards for a couple of hours while I listened to the talk back radio.
It is funny hearing others who are also awake in the middle of the night!
Went back to bed at 5am and slept for another 3 hours.

Tim and the guys had to go out and do stuff so we pottered about.
I was sussing out some of the American Idol singers on YouTube and found Siobhan Magnus.
(we don’t have tv so don’t see all of these shows and I keep up with them via my cousin Sue who drops names on Facebook when she is watching which whets my curiousity )
What an amazing voice she has.

Also found a cute wee bundle from the UK – Connie Talbot and an American lass Bianca Ryan.
So cool to see and hear these fantastic young voices.

I added the left over mashed pumpkin to the soup I made on Saturday.
It was absolutely delicious.
Very spicy and peppy.
Just right for a cold day.

Tim had smoked up some salmon so Mahalia helped me turn it into Salmon Fettaccine.
We made a stir fry with zucchinni, carrot, onion, capsicum and broccoli strips.
Then I added coconut cream, garlic, nutmeg, salt & lemon pepper.
We made it more saucy by adding flour and water.
It was delicious.

Dinner chat was pretty bedlamish.
I was trying to remember all the conversation but alas my brain forgets what doesn’t get written down.
Amidst it though I received a text from cousin Sue.
I commented about it to Tim and Shanni said
I was FB chatting to Sue this morning
I asked what they were talking about.
She replied
The weather and stuff.
and then
Why does everyone talk about the weather?
To which Azzan commented,
Well, you have to talk about the weather sometime in your life so it may as well be now.

I went out to the washhouse to get something after dinner and found the cats sleeping.
It really amused me.
It was hard to see where the cats ended and Azzan’s slippers began.
They really did look cosy.

Tim & Nathan were having a major wrestling session after dinner.
Normally Tim lets Nathan get the best of him but last night he was top dog!
I guess he has to make the most of it cuz the way Nathan is growing Tim knows he won’t be physically able to stay on top for too long

They ended up on the floor in the kitchen.

I was about to go watch a movie when Jesika skyped me.
So we chatted a while.

It was late by the time we finished so I took my movie to bed and watched it on the kids dvd player.
It was really good.
Now it is Monday morning.
So it is into the shower I go and hopefully we will get some school work done today.

4 thoughts on “Our weekend

  1. Azzan… ah, that boy is always good for a  laugh.  He makes me smile.I have only recently discovered coconut milk (and then, I’ve only used it for cooking Jasmine rice).  I can only suppose this coconut cream must be thicker… *looking it up*  Wow.  It literally rises to the top, just like regular milk.  Huh.  Coconut with salmon is a new one, too.

  2. @KirbysWyfe – Coconut cream – I normally buy in cans but have recently found it in 1 litre boxes. I use it ALL the time. Pour over cauliflower when in a hurry and haven’t time to make cheese sauce, add to pumpkin soup, use in many fish dishes. Taste is gentle and subtle. LOVE it. And do not believe anyone who tells you it is bad for you. Coconut is very good for you

  3. What a great day.  The way you post I almost feel as though I am right there with you guys!  I have certainly not given up on the trip there just yet!  My NZ calendars each year also coerse me to keep that dream of visiting there alive!  It’s not like it’s so unatainable like I used to think.  I couldn’t imagine “me” of all people (little miss country bumpkin raised in the boondocks) in NZ!  We’ve had a few of those cold days when I couldn’t seem to get warm no matter how many quilts I piled up on me!  Thankfully there were only a couple or 3.  I loved the picture of the kitties.  My maltipoo, Katie, is expecting.  (argh!)  Also, my weinie dog, Tink is expecting.  (argh again!)  Mom babysat Tink the entire time we were in Florida so she is attached to her but did offer her back to me a few times seeing the connection I have with Tink.  I wouldn’t take her though because she lives inside the house and Kenny would make her be an outside dog.  So… what’s best for Tink wins.Email me when u get time.  I did enjoy the post.  The pics of the wrestling cracked me up – I remember (yes, even as a girl… ha ha) wrestling with my Dad growing up.  Tho, I NEVER won — not even a PRETEND WIN!  LOL!Lots of Love, Cass

  4. @ThankfulMommy – Cassidy – you a boondocks girl. Man! You will get a shock when you do finally get over here. We really do live in the boonies!! Your place is actually quite civilised compared with here.What will you do with all the puppies? I bet Mahalia would love you to pop one in the post!!

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