A productive day in town.

It was dark and cool when we left for town at 6am
The children mostly sleep for the first hour or so these mornings.
Makes it for a peaceful drive and helps them to cope with the long day.

I took the three piano players out to Richmond first thing and left the with Nick for their lessons.
My wonderful friends were helping me out with transporting them back to Nelson as I was busy with appointments.
Chrissy picked up Nathan & Azzan.
Sally & Nick took Mahalia with them.
Kashana & Hali were very delighted with this arrangement
No riding today cuz I just couldn’t fit it into our time table.

I took Shanni back to Nelson and left her with her speech teacher.
Then whizz around doing a few jobs.
Only so much you can fit into a half hour though.
Picked her up and went to the library.
Filled out a million forms to join us all up with the city library.
We are now members at all three libraries.
That should cover things properly for the kids!!
I left Shanni there while I shot off for my chiro and massage appointments.
They both went very well.
I came away feeling great.

Picked up Shanni and then met Chrissy at Victory Square park for lunch.
She had picked up Nathan from Kip McGrath.
He is getting very excited about all the study opportunities his teacher is proposing and I am very excited to see his positive outlook.
The boys played on this wonderful climbing frame while Chrissy and I shivered, ate lunch and talked.
We were very glad when it was time to head around the corner to gymnastics.

After gym Nathan went to the library and the other three went to their dance and music classes.
I found some curtains for Anson at Spotlight’s sale and then sat in on the kids dancing.
It is fun to see how far they have come in the past two terms.

I had a scant hour left to finish the last few jobs so left Shanni reading in the car and raced the other two around the streets.
Got everything done and then met Nathan at Countdown where I did a fast shop and left town at 6pm.
By that time of night all the kids want to do is to leave!!

We got home at 9pm.
It was a good day

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