A very leisurely Sunday

We woke this morning to no power.
I called up Marlborough Lines at 7am to report the fault.
Apparently it was a big one affecting most of the Sounds back to Rai Valley.

I had a soak in the spa before it got too cold and read my book.
Am still ploughing through Tim Severin’s book about Genghis Khan.

I decided to get the scrapbook out that I bought last week and all the cards we were sent after Mum died.
I spent the day sticking them into the book.
It was fun as I hadn’t really had time to digest a lot of them so I was able to reread more slowly and enjoy what people had written.

Tim and the 3 youngest children were also at the table just chatting away about random things.
I was talking about the cards and what I was doing when Tim commented,
I’m glad your Mother had a daughter named Raewyn because I was able to marry her and have all you lovely children.

Azzan profoundly responded,
It doesn’t really matter what they’re called.
It matters what they are like.

Adrian decided to go out kayaking.
It was still raining but the bay was flat calm.
Tim headed off to bed and slept for several hours.
The girls have plauyed with Sylvanian’s most of the day.
Shanni has been making clothes for them.
Azzan has cleaned his room and all the bedding went out to the wash.
A good day for it all to be there – not!
But he did find his jacket.
I had a very strong feeling it would turn up in his room if he just looked a bit harder!!

The power ended up being off all day and didn’t come on till 5pm.
So we got the wood stove cranked up and poached eggs for lunch.
Glen arrived over and we chatted while I carried on with the cards.
Anson phoned to say his team had won the game yesterday and therefore won the trophy.
He did end up playing for the last 40mins despite being knocked out last week.
A player was injured and they were short of a man.
They made sure he had on all the head gear and played in a position where he was most unlikely to get into trouble!
He and Seb had had a celebratory night out on the town and didn’t get to bed till 5am.

Once the power came on I got the washing machine & dryer started and have made a hole in the large pile that accumulated there today.

Dinner was easy – leftovers.
Nathan made Butterscoth Semolina for dessert.
It was too yummy – I had to have seconds.
Azzan was very entertaining at dinner.
He was singing lots of different songs.
I am constantly amazed at his retentiveness.
He had just about all the words off pat to several Taylor Swift songs plus others.
I realised tonight that when he stops acting the goat he actually has a very tuneful singing voice.
Might have to cultivate that

It has been a nice relaxing day.
Just what the doctor ordered!

3 thoughts on “A very leisurely Sunday

  1. @KirbysWyfe – yes Kari, it is a dessert. Sort of custardy but grainy and fluffy. Interesting texture but delicious. One of our favourites – served with stewed fruit.Butterscotch SemolinaBring 1 pint milk to boilAdd 4 Tbsp semolinaThen 2 egg yolksCook 5mins – stirring.Beat in1/2c brown sugar, 2 Tbsp butter & 1 tsp vanilla essenceCool.Fold in 2 stiffly beaten egg whites.

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