French Pass Mid Winter Christmas Party

We got to FP just before 5pm.
The evening was great.
Val and her helpers had the hall decorated and the pre dinner nibbles were on the tables.
We got our food contribution sorted and then joined the others.
It was a lovely, cosy, sociable evening.
The children all had a ball.
They were the only children and were certainly not at all backward in their socialisation skills!

We all had Party Poppers.
Azzan let his off but I was not fast enough to catch it as it sailed across the table….

and landed on Neil’s lap.

We had all brought a gift from the $2 Shop to put under the tree and they got randomly passed around by Father Christmas aka Robin!

If you got something you didn’t particularly want then you could negotiate with someone else for theirs.
The kids did pretty well out of the deals!!
It was great to meet up with old friends.
Some like Gabrielle and Simon who we hadn’t seen for many many years – like when they were barely out of primary school and moved away.
Now they are married, living back here and expecting babe No 1.

Nathan & Simon apparently were discussing explosives for a lot of the evening!!

There was about 32 of us there.
Valerie had the tables all set up so pretty with checkered clothes and candles etc.

One of the gifts I had bought went to Simon but he thought it suited Azzan much better.

Sandra got the other one so they had to model them together.

Herbie looked lovely with his yellow top knot.
Phil was being as cheeky as ever

I got Phil to take some photos of us girls.
The first photo was of the table corner – good shot Phil!!

Then he managed to get this one, but Sandra got lost in Anneke’s hair
Finally he got a lovely one of Anneke, Sandra and Sandra.

But then we decided to get one of all us girls so I gave the camera to Shanni and she was clicking away merrily while several of the ladies were talking away merrily!

Finally we got a good one.
Me, Sandra, Anneke, Sythe & Valerie at back
Rossi & Sandra in front

Nathan got this wonderful creature in his present.
It makes interesting noises.
He wasn’t swapping it with anyone

At the end of the evening the kids decided they would quite like some balloons so Danny helped them get the ALL down.
Mahalia took them over to the corner and tied them all together.

Azzan and Sythe had a fun game of chase with them.

Azzan got them all together and then we had to fit them in to the back of the Terrano.
That was interesting.
Do you know how much room balloons take up!!

We left around 9:30pm and got back home just on 11pm.
It was a wonderful night
Thanks so much Valerie and your helpers for organising it.

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