Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins!

Saturday morning
I couldn’t sleep as it was raining and windy and cold.
So I was up at 6am.
It was still pitch black.
I got up and spent the morning updating my blog.
It was also Sunni’s 29th b’day party day so I spent a bit of time reminiscing over old photos and posted a few for the world to see on Facebook
She was a lovely baby and she is now a very beautiful young woman.

Someone had not fueled the fire the night before so the hot water was not hot.
Shanni had a shower and used what hot was left.
So I spent all morning in my pj’s while the water heated again.

It was wet so it was a great time for the guys to have chain gang session with pumpkins.
They processed a whole crate of them.

I wisely stayed out of the kitchen!

When the guys took a break just before lunch time I hopped in and made some date scones.
We didn’t really stop for lunch – the scones sufficed!

Once the men had finished and cleaned up I got in to the kitchen and cleaned up after them!!
I then finished making the food we were taking to French Pass.

Once that was all done I went and had my shower.
Then it was 3pm and time to pack up the car.

Tim arrived in about 3:20 looking for lunch.
Phil and Sandra were about to leave so I persuaded Tim to ‘move it’ as they would be waiting for us!!!
He raced through the shower while I loaded kids & gear.
We were unbelieveably out the door within 10 mins.

I was at the top before Phil and Sandra.
They arrived and Sandra hopped in with me and the children and Phil went with Tim, Nathan, Graham & Adrian.

We had a good drive around chatting all the way.
It was lovely cuz we don’t get to see much of each other these days

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