Catastrophes and schooling

Monday will go down in family history as the catastrophic day our Fissler pressure cooker died and also the day my special blue glass Starbucks cup broke.

Tim was cooking pumpkins in the pressure cooker when the wee pressure valve decided that after nearly 32 years of constant use and abuse it had had enough and it blew right through the rubber.
I have spent some time this week contacting Germany and then NZ agents to see if the part is still available.
Just heard back on Friday that it is not
And the other bad news is that to replace it with something of equal quality is going to cost around $600-800!

In the midst of everything else I had made myself a cup of herbal tea and it had gotten cool so I did the most stupid thing.
While I was cooking dinner I sat it on the edge of the woodstove to warm it up.
When I picked it up again the bottom of the cup remained stuck to the fire and the tea all splashed out the hole of the top part that remained in my hand

I loved my mug so I was pretty gutted at doing such a dumb thing.
Some wonderful friends in the US have located some on ebay but the cost of the freight from USA is just way to exorbitant so I will move on to my next favourite Starbucks mug and hope I don’t break that too soon.
I vocalised to Tim that I was glad that I had broken it myself.
To which he admitted he had also been quietly thinking the very same thing!!

It was chucked in the rubbish bin but I couldn’t bear for it to end like that so I fished it out and pieced it together to take the photo above.
Azzan is convinced it should have a funeral.
But I am going to pass it on to my friend’s daughter as she does mosiacs.
At least I will know that the lovely blue glass will give others pleasure

The kids and I spent 3 very busy school days doing a lot to our Cinderella projects as I wanted to finish with the books and return them all to the library.
With everything that has been happening this year the project has been prolonged more than I intended.
We have read so many versions from so many different countries and from all sorts of perspectives.
The artwork in many of the books are a study in itself.
These are some of the books we have read.
Yeh Shen.
The Persian Cinderella.
The Rough Face Girl.
Moss Gown.
The Invisable One.
Kongi & Potgi.
The Little Blue Slipper.
The Turkey Girl.
Angkat: The Cambodian Cinderella
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters.
Princess Furball.
The Irish Cinderlad.
Billy Beg & The Bull.
Smokey Mountain Rose.
Prince Cinders.
Cinderella & The Hot Air Balloon.
Ella Bella Cinderella.
Cinderella – Art Deco Love.
Cinder Edna.
Ella’s Big Chance.
Cinder Elly.

It has been really interesting and the kids are picking up on other stories and seeing the Cinderella ‘type’ in other literature.
Azzan now wants to find one in Maori folklore.
If anyone knows of one please tell me.

We had fun making paper lanterns – they tied in nicely with the Korean story.
The kids really had fun and made all shapes and sizes.

We were discussing proverbs one day and I was giving the children the beginnings of some and getting them to think of what the endings could be.
It was really funny.
Some of the answers were
Misery loves…

A chain is only as strong as…
-your mind
(it’s weakest link)

The shoemaker’s son always goes…
-to town
-with leather

which led on to discussions as to what the above actually means.
Then they came up with their own renditions.
A beauty boutique’s daughter is never pretty.
A hairdresser’s daughter always wears wigs.

I had a dvd from our library which I had sitting on the shelf for ages but had not had a chance to watch.
As it had to be returned I decided I needed to watch it.
It was such a good movie.
Well done and most interesting.
Fascinating perspective.
I would highly recommend ‘Blame it on Fidel’

We have had rain off an on all week.
The men have been trying to work amongst it.
Tim has had a very sore shoulder which has been responding to Voltarin and heat packs.
But I think I still need to get him seen to despite his reluctance!

I made another large pot of soup on Wednesday.
I am having fun trying to make the pumpkin soup different each time.
I now have some leeks so am making it chunky with leeks and carrots and barley.
Very tasty and warming on these chilly wet days.

I gave Mahalia & Azzan some extra incentive to clean up Sylvania & the school room as it was a tip.
They worked like wee trojans and did an excellent job so were very happy to be rewarded with a Sylvanian Country Bus.
It was worth every cent of the bribery to me to have the school room cleaned up

We had three young men arrive in on Wed night.
They were staying with friends of ours and were keen to come help dig fence post holes.
John & Conor from Ireland and Michael from Colorado.

They are adding immensely to the humour of the place.

I had to get organised for two days in town so Wed evening was quite busy.

2 thoughts on “Catastrophes and schooling

  1. What a pretty coffee mug.  I’m so sorry for your loss.:(  And losing the pressure cooker too?  That is a rough day.  I’m sorry.  It’s going around, I think!  That is crazy expensive to replace, I’m guessing it didn’t cost nearly that much 32 years ago! :)I enjoy seeing your homeschooling methods.  You do some fascinating studies.  What age group would you recommend that movie for?

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