And the rain came back again….

I woke early this morning and decided to get up and file accounts while it was all quiet in the kitchen.
Makes it easier if I can spread the paper work out on the table with now one around.
The rain began around 6:30am.

Tim headed off to do mussel work with Conor & Michael after breakfast despite the rain.
It was calm – that’s all he needs.
John missed the boat as he was rather tardy this morning so he ended up helping Anson and stacking firewood.

Nuana & Shanni baked biscuits to fill the tins.
Nuana made a new recipe – chocolate pinwheel biscuits.

Cat and Leeann packed up and left at 11am.
There is a 35knot south easterly forecast so they wanted to get to Port Gore tonight and then try and get over to Mana tomorrow as it drops.

They went over to say goodbye to Tim before leaving the bay.

  This arvo the children watched ‘Mao’s Last Dancer‘.
Azzan has been wanting to watch it for ages.
It was a bit tricky as there are subtitles and they were a bit quick for Mahalia to read out to him so I had to explain the gist of the politics involved in China at the time of the Cultural Revolution throughout the movie. I think I might have to do some Chinese history with the children to help them understand it better.
I wasn’t really paying attention to closely as I had my nose in a new Karen Kingsbury book which just arrived on Friday – ‘Take One‘.
I was supposed to be getting on with the gst but a good book is always a much better option
I have made a lot of progress with the filing all done now so shouldn’t take too long to finish coding on the computer.

Azzan has found the music to Swan Lake so he has been dancing to it.
He is also practising his handstands etc.
I caught him in mid flip on the couch tonight.

He is getting really good at back arches.

Love that flat tummy – long time since I had one of those!

Mahalia can do them too but Shanni collapsed mid arch.

Azzan had Nuana practising dance moves too and then they decided to build a tower.

We had an early dinner and all went around to watch the All Blacks vs South Africa.
2nd match of the Tri-Nations.
It was a really good game.

We won – 37-17
There were some great tries and fantastic tackles.
It was a wet and windy night but they all still played really well.

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