Sunday & Monday

You know, I really shouldn’t leave so many days in between blogging cuz I really struggle to remember back beyond yesterday!

I do know that Sunday morning was another early start for Azzan.
He got to the spa before us so we joined him this time.
Nice cosy threesome

Graham came down before midday so we did have some fellowship.
Then a late lunch which the 3 boys managed to get out of bed in time to for.
They had stayed late around at Anson’s and watched a movie.
Sunday is their day off so it’s good for them and good for us.
They get to sleep and we get some time out from having extras in the house.

After lunch they tried to get their van going without much joy.
By the time they and Tim came in for dinner they were most perplexed cuz they could not find the battery.
They made phone calls to no avail.
They were thinking of seeing if Google would tell them.
But while they were eating I called up Herbie/Nathan!!
Of course he knew.
He’s way better than Google.
Also had a good catch up chat cuz we haven’t seen him since his wedding.

Azzan woke us at 5:30am wanting to have a spa.
I went out to check on him at 6am and found he had set the breakfast table and was just sitting.
I suggested he should go hop into bed with his Daddy.
So he did and immediately went back to sleep until 8:30am.
I was in the study so Anson took the phone and sat on the end of our bed to talk in a quieter spot not realising his wee bro was sound asleep beside him – men!

The day began clear and beautiful.
There was still a southerly cloud bank on the hills opposite but for us the sun was shining.
It is coming back more each day.
The children come in excitedly to tell me,
The sun’s on the aviary.
The sun’s on the dog kennels.
‘The sun’s on the back lawn.
so soon it will be
The sun is on the house for all day’

We got some school work underway in the morning.
I was also cooking at the same time.
It takes quite a bit to keep the food up to three extra hungry lads.
When the children are just doing their Maths and English I can supervise from the kitchen bench.
I had some soup heating on the stove for lunch when I got a text from Nathan.
He wanted me to call him.
I knew he was about to hop in the plane to fly back to Nelson so I zipped through to the study to call him.
His plane was canceled due to fog and he didn’t know what to do.
It took a wee while to get him sorted.
He was rerouted onto a later plane.
Then I got an email from the accountant.
He had been having problems opening my gst files so that took a bit more time.
When I finally got back to the kitchen I was greeted by a pot of soup boiling and burning.
It was splattering all over the place.
There was pumpkin soup all up the walls, over the stove, on the floor, over the plate rack.
It was stuck good.
Shanni put the pot in the sink and filled it with water.
I was almost in tears.
It was nearly midday and that was all I had organised for lunch.
The men were up fencing at the top of the Cow Paddock and were due home to eat.
I scrubbed off the splatters.
Shanni suggested making pasta spirals for lunch instead and then proceeded to begin getting them ready..
She is a wee Godsend at times.
Makes up for all the blonde moments we have
Then while she was cutting the onions and cooking the pasta I got a text from Anson wanting Shanni to pop around and see how to feed his dogs while he was away this week.
Good timing – NOT!
Anyway, she zipped around on her bike and I carried on preparing them.
Only to find just as she walked back in the door that we had 1 egg left in the house.
Mahalia mentioned that Anson had come around for stores in the morning and had taken a carton of eggs.
He was leaving that arvo for a week away so I was a bit flummoxed as to why he had taken so them.
Anyway, Shanni biked around again and brought them back.
Apparently Leeann had bought them for him the previous week and he hadn’t claimed them yet.
So we have one dozen eggs left till I shop on Thursday!
I had better remember to replace Anson’s dozen eh?

In amongst all of this school work sorta went out the window!

Shanni was busy constructing this play area for Tinga.
He seems to like it.
She hides peanuts for him to find.
He loves that.
Gives him things to do and keeps him occupied outside of his cage.

The wee budgie has made itself at home here.
He is a wee character.
He flies to and fro the top of the fluorescent light in the dining area – it is warm up there,
and back to his cage periodically for some food.
On the way he pecks about the floor finding scattered seeds.
He did fly out the door once but came back.
The cats come in when I am not looking but it has survived even them.

The guys didn’t get back for lunch till quite late in the arvo.
John is not at all well.
He is suffering from stomach ulcer pain.
So he is not functioning on very many cylinders at present.
Then after that Tim towed their van up the hill and after several towings along the airstrip they got it going.
Must have just had some damp terminals or something.
They drove along to Waterfall and walked down the hill to see Glen and use his internet.
We carried on with dinner and they had theirs later when they got home.

I was not feeling terribly great all day.
I don’t often get sick, sick.
But I was beginning to get head cold symptoms and was sneeezing a lot


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