Building Fences

Tim has had the Conor, Michael & John here for the past 4 weeks.
They came to dig fence post holes and they have done just that.
They have been posting up 3 different fence lines.
Depending on the weather as to where they go on the day.

I thought we should at least show them at work and not just at the kitchen sink so I asked Shanni to go take a few photos for me yesterday.
She came back with about a hundred!
Once I had removed all the random ones of dogs bounding everywhere and the odd blurred one I narrowed it down to about 40. So here is a few of those.

This is proof of blistered hands, muddy clothes, tired & hungry men that walked in the door at the end of each day.


Conor & John

The scenery that they were subjected to throughout their ordeal

Too busy to get mugshot!

Where they have already been – way up there!

Tim carrying another matchstick!

Mountain goat territory!!

The old pro showing them how to do it

The guys did a brilliant job.
They were totally unused to this sort of work but pitched in and gave it their best shot with great attitudes.
Thanks fellas.
We really enjoyed having you all here.
After this anything you do will seem like a summer holiday

Come back again soon eh?

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