Farewell to the guys, a visit from Seb, and getting ready for town again.

I had a much better night’s sleep so felt okay when I woke today.
Still got a head cold but not as bad as yesterday.
I took my book out to the spa and had a read and soak before the day began.

The guys were up and packing.
They weren’t in too much of a hurry.
Well, maybe John was as he was keen to get back to civilization, a doctor and fish & chips – not too sure in which order
It was calm and the rain had stopped.
Perfect day for mussel working but as Tim had no one to go with him he stayed and did some welding in the workshop.
Before he took the guys up to the top of the hill to their van we had a photo shoot.

Tinga – the bird the guys will not forget – or miss!!

Shanni got behind my camera and was soon having a field day with the zoom lens before we realised it!!



They finally got the hut cleaned and their gear loaded.
I had packed them a tucker box of cake and toasties to take with them which they were pretty happy about.
Then Tim took them up the hill.
He took ages to return.

He said to them that we don’t do snow boarding here but he could take them skidder boarding.
They had been pretty disappointed not to get work in Queenstown and get to snowboard there as it was all just way too expensive for them.
That’s why they ended up with us.
A win win situation

So he towed the ‘three big kids’ up and down and around the air strip for ages.
They had a blast.
The ground was pretty greasy so they were flying around very easily and Tim managed to get Conor and Michael both off their boards!!
I just hope that there were not too many others to go to the doctor with John by the time they got out to Nelson tonight!!

Seb text me and said they were working in the bay and were there any muffins available.
So being the wonderful mother I am, I dropped everything I was doing and got to and made a batch of blueberry and white chocolate muffins.
He arrived in on the boat and came up for a few moments chat while they were finishing baking.
Then he went off with container full to keep him and his work mates happy for the arvo.

I have been trying to get some engagement cards made and finally spent a few moments on one today.
Must try and get it finished tonight.
I have so many birthdays etc coming up and just no momentum to create at present.
This term is going to be really busy with not too many days at home.

Azzan has found the guidance button on Jesika’s Clavinova and he is playing along with Swan Lake theme.
It’s really cool and he is loving being able to play along with the orchestral background.
I am hoping if he plays it enough he won’t need the guidance button for long.

Dinner was a bit of a hodge podge of left overs and whatever I could find in the fridge.
Some had the leftover fish casserole.
We all had fried rice with egg.
The kids had raw carrot and celery sticks
I had salmon & haloumi cheese fried up with onion and shared some tired lettuce, tomato with Tim & Shanni.
Beetroot can was emptied.
Dinner was over!
Everyone seemed okay with it all thankfully.

It is now getting later and later and I cannot move the kids to bed.
They are a bit out of routine and are not really getting the message that it is back to early starts and town tomorrow.
I am going to go shove them along and try and get myself organised too so I don’t have a late night.
I am really really tired and aware of not pushing myself too much after these past few days of being unwell.

3 thoughts on “Farewell to the guys, a visit from Seb, and getting ready for town again.

  1. @TheShepherdessCottage – normally people out here use NZ Correspondence Schooling as of right because of our isolation. We used to. However, we have had an exemption from state education for about 20 years now. Due to the times and seasons there are hardly any others homeschooling in our area now. Whereas in NZ as a whole there are an increasing number of home educators.

  2. That’s great! I know home-schooling isn’t for everyone; sometimes circumstances don’t permit it, but I strongly support people’s freedom to HS. We live in Texas, USA, in the eastern part of the state, and we’re blessed to have lots of home-schoolers around us. When I grew up, no one I knew home-schooled, and now it’s quite common.  I may check out your posts from time to time to see what life is like in NZ. God bless you.

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