A very sweet day

I began my day in the spa.
Then the next few hours were spent trying to get some mussel spreed sheets up to date and ready for the accountant.

Then Tim took off out on to the hills and I managed to round up the troops to get chores done and then into some school work.

Today, after Maths and English, we built molecules from marshmellows and toothpicks.
The children had lots of fun.
First of all they were given licence to build whatever they wanted with as many toothpicks as they desired.
Then the instructions became more and more restrictive until we were building more realistic atoms.

They had to record the shapes they were making.

Nathan is working on the older grade Chemistry so had more specific directions to follow.
Here are four of his molecules.
Top H2O (water) and NH3 (ammonia)
Lower – CH4 (methane) and CH3OH (methanol)

I think he may have missed the methanol slightly but the first 3 are pretty accurate.

Azzan had fun building some crazy mutant molecules.

Then when we finished I allowed them to toast a couple each as they were all drooling.
Mahalia was finding the heat of the fire a bit too much

Mahlai & Azzan had their lunch out on the deck.
Despite the sun shining on the wharf it was still a trifle chilly so they wrapped up cosy in their cuddly blankets.

I took my lunch to bed and had a rest for an hour while the children went bike riding and walking etc.
They did a few chores and then watched ‘Enchanted
When I walked through the door I did a double take because I saw ‘Derek’ on the screen and thought for a split second they were watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.
But then I realised he is Patrick Dempsey playing lawyer Robert Philip.
Good actor – well named ‘McDreamy’

I finally got onto Harvest-Curric-Swap-NZ, a yahoogroup and began listing a heap of home schooling curricula that I have had boxed up for ages. It is crazy, I sorted it all out a couple of years ago and have just not made time to actively sell it. So today I began listing.
Within half an hour I had sold one book already!!
I am impressed.
Let’s hope that the other books sell too – it would be nice to not have to be falling over them all the time.
It was very strategic of Cat to leave the boxes right outside my study door

The sky was so awesome tonight.
I managed to catch the reflecting sunset colours.
There is a southerly bank rolling over the hills opposite us and they provided a wonderful backdrop.
Absolutely glorious.

I made a chicken casserole in the slow cooker today and we ate it with roast veges.
It was delicious.
Then we followed that with an impromptu fondue.
Shanni melted some chocolate and cut up the fresh fruit to add to the marshmellows and we dipped and dripped it all over the place.

Azzan of course had to use a skewer rather than a toothpick!!!

Very yummy but also rather sickly sweet.

I keep forgetting to mention that we got word from my cousin to say the horse we were looking at recently for Mahalia had gone lame. It apparently had been injured but the seller hadn’t really mentioned it.
So I am very glad Michelle was able to suss it all out for us before we bought him.
So we are back on the look out for a horse again.
Anyone know of a lovely quiet 14-15 hand standard breed who could make a little girl happy?

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