Visiting seals and finally home.

Of course when we got to Ohau Point the children wanted to stop and go visit the baby seals.
Tim had not been there before so they wanted to take him to see them.
It has become more publicised now so there were heaps of cars parked there and lots of people coming and going.
But I was quite impressed cuz they were not being a nuisance to the seals and were actually quietly awed by them.

Azzan had to get as close as he could to them at the pool.
I thought he was join them in the water!

They clamber and swim up the river.
Some were fighting, making quite a noise.
Most were just intent on leaping and playing under the waterfall.

This one wanted to make friends with Mahalia.

When we got back to the car park I went across the road and found these two pups still on the beach.

This is the beach on the north side of the Ohau Point seal colony.
There are seals all along this part of the coast line.
Some of the first people to come to New Zealand after the arrival of the Maori were the sealers and whalers.
The killed seals to such an extent that they eventually were protected by government law.
Now the numbers are building up so much that they are becoming a nuisance but they are still protected.

The pups come in from the beach, under the road and the railway line

and make their way up the creek/river to the waterfall.

After this stop we headed north with no more stops until we had to fuel up in Blenheim.
The children were very tired and getting a bit scratchy.
Tim just wanted to get home so it was foot to the floor and homeward bound.
We stopped briefly to give Ruby my camera.
I had bought it 13 years ago just before Tim & I went to UK for our 20th wedding anniversary trip.
It was a fantastic SLR camera back then.
Very expensive with all the bells and whistles.
But it takes film and is not digital so sadly for the past few years it has been relegated to the shelf.
When I discovered my niece was studying photography I offered it to her.
I well remember the enjoyment of working in the darkroom when I was at college.
So hopefully it will now have a new lease of life and will give her as much enjoyment as it gave me when I first bought it.

We got home around 9pm.
Nuana was in bed sick.
Shanni had caught the same bug as the other kids and had passed it on.
Lovely child!
Eare had arrived and taken over baby sitting duties from Nuana so she could go to bed.

We unpacked the Safari and everyone gladly went off to bed.
It was the end of a lovely weekend.

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