Monday recovering, Tues & Wed back into it again.

Anson was away shearing for the week.
He came home Monday evening by boat from a days shearing over at Pohenui and then repacked and hopped in his ute and headed out to town to shear up at Nelson Lakes.

Monday morning I had a bit of a laze and a late spa.
Then got the washing underway.
Always seems to be so much when we get home.
But getting it all down to a fine art now – should do after all this time!
It was a beautiful day so w managed to get a few loads on the line but then I got busy and the rest ended up in the dryer later in the day.
In between times I managed to update my blog with all the weekends happenings.

Eare decided to pack up and take Nuana home as she was not at all well.
It was a shame as they had both been looking forward to a weeks holiday before Nuana goes back south to work.

Tim and the children have been playing Chicken Feet several times a day.
It seems to have become a bit of a ritual – before breakfast, after diner, any other spare time!
It’s a great game cuz it includes all ages and stages and Azzan love it cuz he can ‘do it too’

But Mahalia got a bit bored with it so challenged her Dad to a game of Herd the Horses instead.

I am under instructions from my chiropractor to give my shoulder plenty of heat so I followed Tim out the door to have a late night spa. I was expecting it to be cold but was hit by rain – cold rain.
It was a bit of a shock as I hadn’t heard it start.
Nice to be in the hot spa after that though!!

Tuesday I wallowed under a long hot shower.
When I eventually got to the kitchen it was deserted.
Deliciously peaceful.
But after a while they all reappeared so got roped into doing their chores.
I had Anson’s ATO co-ordinator arriving at midday so wanted to have the place looking slightly respectable.
Robyn arrived and we had a great time chatting while waiting for Tim.
He will be Anson’s assessor so she needed to go through what he has to do.
Anson is doing the Level 4 Sheep/Beef  certificate with ATO.

I chilled out in the arvo and watched ‘The Prince of Tides’ with Barbra Streisand as actor, producer and director.
She is amazing.
I found a 3 dvd set of her movies at the library a while back and figured it was time to watch them.
I was not disappointed.
After dinner I watched ‘For Pete’s Sake‘.
It was so funny.
Tim came in half way through in time to see Streisand’s character chasing rampaging cattle through the main streets of the city.
Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.

Wednesday we had our accountants coming to visit.
They gave up on trying to get Tim out to town and decided it was easier to come see him on the farm!
They arrived at 11am.
I made a batch of kiwifruit and chocolate chip muffins which the children hung around to get hot from the oven, then they disappeared off to play.
We had a good few hours discussing business.
Then after a quick lunch the guys took off.
Tim & Glen went out to do a spot of work and I hopped into bed for a rest.
I was feeling totally knackered after all the brainiac stuff.

I watched ‘The Way We Were’.
I had known of this story but never seen it.
Streisand sings the very poignant theme song.
I think I am going out have to search out a few more of her movies as I am really enjoying them.

The children got themselves packed for town.
They are getting pretty good at knowing what to take now so I don’t have to chase them up – too much!
I started cooking dinner at 5pm.
Glen arrived in with Tim and we ate at 7.
It was delicious.
I was getting a bit sick of roast veges.
Nice and easy but we had them for quite a few nights in a row.
So I made mashed carrot and parsnip, cauliflower cheese and diced potatoes with garlic butter.
We did have roast mutton – can’t escape the roast meat when you live on a farm and have a wood stove!

I tried to get myself all packed for town.
I had so much paper work to get together.
But I was too tired to actually do it so I grabbed it all and shoved in my briefcase to do later.
I set the alarm and crashed into bed.

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