After a very wet night with thunder and lightening which we slept through,
we woke to this view.
It was quite ethereal.
The mist on the bay was lifting to reveal a large ship waiting to come into the harbour.
The morning light on the tidal mudflats was beautiful.

While I showered the two children packed and had breakfast.
We then loaded the car and headed into town to meet up with Megan, Olive & Zac.
We hadn’t met Zac yet so it was cool to meet the busy wee man.
He is just walking and doesn’t like to be contained for too long.
Unless of course he has food!!

Olive & Mahalia were just happy to colour in pictures.

Megan & I caught up in amongst the noise of kids and the busyness of Morrison St Cafe.
I think next time we might choose a place that is more child friendly.

The children had eaten breakfast but that did not stop Azzan from having a 2nd one.

After a delightful hour or so we parted company – saying goodbye till their next trip north or maybe if we venture south sometime.
We missed seeing Jon as he was off buying their new car – most exciting.

We then spent from midday till after 2pm at dance practise.
Seb & Bud came to chat cuz I had a cheesecake for Seb.
I have found the way to his heart – cheesecake

After dancing we went shopping for dance clothes.
Found everything we needed and then headed off home.

I had bought 2 new talking books for the kids.
They found them in Crackerjacks.
Ballet Stories by Naxos and a Hodder Children’s Classic production of Black Beauty.
So we listened to them on the way home.
We love the both these productions.
They have some excellent cds.

Got back around 8pm.
Managed to unpack the car before the rain hit again.

After everyone had gone to bed I gave Cat a call.
She is in Adelaide at the moment & there is a 2.5 hour time difference so it was a good time to phone here.
But we ended up talking till 12:30 our time so I was much later to bed than I had planned.
Not to worry – it was lovely to catch up as we hadn’t spoken for a couple of weeks.

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