Funky stuff

I spent most of Monday hobbling about and heat packing all my achey areas.
The kids just did chores and played.
It really was a non event sorta day.

As we travel around town these days Azzan gathers up all the free pamphlets and brochures.
He stuffs them inside his jumper and looks almost furtive clutching them to his chest as he walks through the shops!
He brings them home and spend ages cutting out pictures and making books.
He writes little stories beside them.
It is great to see it all happening – his creativity. reading and writing developing so independently.

We were having problems with our inside toilet – it was leaking – badly.
Tim spent all day trying to sort out the problem.
He dug up the septic tank to see if there was a blockage.
Real pain

I had a massive melt down during the morning during and after a call from someone who thinks she wields power in WINZ.
Thankfully I have a wonderful case manager now so I called her up and cried on her shoulder.
She is so lovely and supportive and helpful and after my meltdown with someone who was not at all in the above categories, she talked me through to what happens next.
I know I am being ambiguous but I really cannot spill all the personal stuff here.
Just enough to say I am not holding my breath but I am being ever hopeful of a positive result.

I was trying to get paper work sorted in the study but was just too sore to concentrate for long so not a lot else got accomplished.
I went to bed after lunch for a rest.

When I was in town last week I had to return a torch for Tim to Mitre 10 as it was broken.
So the kids and I had a fossick around their sales bins and found a few interesting items.
As well as that I found a few pieces of really funky china which I decided I really liked.

Mum had given me a Mitre 10 gift card for Christmas and I had not used it so I decided it was time to.
I bought the items in the pictures below.
They are now gracing my lounge in a very colourful fashion.
Nice to have some crazy colours around on these bleak days and they will give me something cheerful to remind me of my Mum – especially on the days when I am missing her the most.
The vase is quite large and will lend itself to a dried arrangement or just standing alone.

I think these are sposed to be a milk jug and sugar bowl on a biscuit plate.
But I love them just as ornamentals.

I know they are not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak, but I like them cuz they are bright and crazy and funky.

Conor & John, our Irish lads, arrived back just before dinner bringing Sophie from Lakes District with them.
They are here just for a few days to say hello and goodbye before heading back to Ireland.
Nice to have their smiling faces around once again.

Today is Tuesday – already!
I am seriously not ready for Tuesday and it is almost over.
I am still achey but not as bad as yesterday thankfully.
Have been trying to get things moving in the office but seem to have these massive piles of paper that require phone calls and then the person at the other end is unavailable so I have to relocate the paper work until they get back to me – if they do!
So I do a paper shuffle all day – it is terribly depressing.
No wonder I resort to chocolate
Now I have a headache from it all.

Tim had the guys digging out the septic tank this morning – we now have a functioning inside toilet.
Sophie, with the help of Mahalia & Azzan for some of the time, cut up heaps of ripe pears and kiwi fruit and made 2 batches of chutney for me.
It is now all cooked and looking delectable, cooling in lots of jars on the bench.
The kitchen was alive with the aroma of it all bubbling away for most of the arvo.
Shanni wasn’t impressed and went and hid in Sylvania!
I must admit that when I was young I hated it when Mum made tomato sauce etc.
The smell of the cooking vinegar just turned me right off!
I have gotten used to it now.

Anson and the guys went for a drive to Elaine Bay to get some fuel tonight.
Nathan cooked dinner – roast pork.
I don’t eat pork so I am just waiting for my fish fingers to cook.
Sad eh
I would’ve had scallops but Tim put them all in the freezer!

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