Day 1 at Mana

Leeann arrived home around 7 after working an overnight shift on the ambulance.
Cat cooked us all a very delicious breakfast.

Poached eggs, salmon, avocado banana and spinach on toast.

The yacht is very cosy.
I felt like we were in a cocoon.
Quite secluded from the rest of the world.

Skip was getting lots of attention.

Then we decided it was time to see what was happening out in the big wide world.

It was stormy and grey and very gusty.

Skip is rather cautious about hopping off the boat.
Yesterday he was trotting along the walkway in front of Cat.
He had not long been bathed by Leeann, he was all dry and clean.
He kept looking back to see if Cat was following and then oopsie,
one foot missed the side and he was in the water!
Cat had to fish him out.
He wasn’t so clean anymore!

The showers are great.
Lots of good pressure and heaps of hot water.
Tempting to stay in there a while
This is the view down the walkway towards Cat’s yacht from the shower block.

Cat put a load of washing in the machine and after my shower she took us visitng.
We popped on board and met Doug who is totally renovating a lovely old yacht.
Then we went over to say gidday to John – he invited us in for a cuppa.
Then we stopped to chat with some others along the way back to the yacht.
It is a lovely community spirit they have here.
All very supportive and friendly.

Leeann slept through all of the socialising.
We left her to her studies and Cat took us into Porirua.
Skip make himself comfortable on the console.

We went to Pete’s Emporium.
What they didn’t have there wasn’t worth talking about.
Incredible place to waste time in!!

Then Cat took us up to Trash Palace – the local recycling centre.
I stayed in the car and slept while Tim & Cat went for an explore.
Then we made a quick trip back to the shops to get some towels and groceries.
On the way back to the marina Cat took us to see the entrance to the harbour.
It was incredibly rough and certainly not a good look for anyone wanting to get over the bar.

In the murky mist though we could see a heap of wind surfers having great fun zipping along through the stormy waves.

Leeann was back when we arrived.
The girls began making dinner.

Tim went and had a sleep up forward.

Owen & Hanne came down from Paraparaumu for dinner and Johnny & John popped over from their yachts to join us.

We had a delicious plate of pre dinner nibbles and dips.
Then Thai fish cakes.
By the time the main course arrived we were all getting full.
But we still managed to do justice to Leeann’s cooking.
She made a chicken and rice dish.
Hanne brought a lovely fresh salad.
For dessert we had cheesecake and a wildberry pie with yoghurt.
It was great.
We had heaps of laughs and a wonderful night.

The girls & Skip have gone to sleep on another boat so Tim & I are all alone on the yacht tonight.
Cat has to get Leeann to the ferry by 7am tomorrow morning and then head to work so they will have an earlier start tot heir day than we need to.
The wind has dropped a wee bit but the ropes and hull are still creaking and squeaking.
There is a gently rocking so I don’t think it will take long for me to join Tim in the sleeping department!


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