Sailing, we are sailing,…..

We woke Monday morning to a much better day so I text Cat and after he had dropped Leeann at the ferry she came on back and we got ready to leave the Porirua harbour.
She called up Owen & Hanne to see if they wanted to come.
Hanne was able to so she zipped down and joined us for the day.

Cat was concerned about working the tides as she didn’t want to be caught at the bar and not be able to get over on either side.
High tide was at 12:40pm and her keel draws somewhere around 2m so she estimated we had about 2 hours on each side of high tide to get safely across the bar.

Leaving Mana just after 10am.

There was still a cool brisk breeze.
About a 1m swell with a half metre chop on top.
Cat got Hanne to help her attach the mainsail.
She had a new boom so had to attach new clips to the sail to it.

Tim was on the tiller on the way out.
Bit harder to control than a wheel!

The Titahi Bay headland as we crossed the successfully bar.

Cat on the helm.

I was very grateful for the loan of Cat’s wet weather gear as it was quite cool and we got a bit of spray as we were across the wind.

This was Skip’s first trip out to sea and he handled it like a pro.
He stayed close to Cat most of the time.

Approaching Mana Island.

Because of the NW chop it was a bit tricky getting off the dinghy.
We were met by Frank and his children.
Frank helped Hanne off.

Then Cat zipped back to get Tim.

The first bird I saw was a Shore Plover which they are trying to introduce to the island.

Frank, Piripi (4) and Heeni (2) chatted with us as we walked up to their house to meet Sue – his wife and DoC ranger.

Cat’s yacht on anchor looking back towards the mainland.

Then it was time to head back to catch the tide and get over the bar.
We didn’t want to miss it or else we would be stuck out on anchor at the island for another 11 hours!!

We had a great sail back.
Cat had the mainsail and jib unfurled and we were flying along nicely.
Hanne & I laid back and relaxed and chatted.

It was an exhilarating day out.
We got back to the marina without any difficulties.
Hanne cooked up some lunch which we hungrily devoured.
I was so sleepy I dozed off while they were all talking.

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