Day 3 moving on…..

I woke early after a good nights sleep.
By the 3rd night I was adjusting well to sleeping on the boat.
Cat left for work before 8am.
I was intending on having a fairly lazy morning but when I called my aunt to see if she would be home she said she was heading out at 11am.
So I hopped in the shower and then we zipped up the hill to visit her.
It was great to see Anneke looking so well.
She had a major neck op a few months ago and is anticipating a long recovery before she is allowed to start potting again.
In the meantime she is making some really cool tiles and preparing for a box exhibition at Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures.

When she realised that we hadn’t had breakfast she pulled out some delicious muesli and we all had a plateful and a cuppa with her and had a great catch up.
This is the view from her place – she looks out over the marina where Cat’s yacht is tied up.

We went back to the yacht and tidied up and packed our bags.
We headed into Wellington and spent an hour catching up with Tracie during her lunch break.
She used to be a neighbour years ago and we hadn’t seen each other for absolutely ages so it was great to see her again.

From there we did a few circuits of the centre city streets, found Starbucks and got a frappacino.
Then we drove out to Eastbourne.
Tim was driving and just heading in any direction I suggested
We stopped for a wander in Days Bay then we cruised around the big metropolis of Eastbourne.
I found some cute cards for the kids, and while I wrote them letters Tim blobbed out in the car watching all the locals wandering past.
I got them all posted and then we drove up the road a way and found this delightful B&B.

We were greeted by Jasmin and shown our rooms.
It is wonderful.
We have the whole top storey for our own use.
Our bedroom, bathroom and lounge with the most humungous tv screen I have ever seen.
We had a bit of a rest and then at 6pm went for a walk down the road further and found David & Eilidh’s home.
Eilidh had cooked a delicious dinner of lamb tanguine and cous cous.
We spent the evening chatting with them and then meandered back to the B&B.
Had a spa looking out across the harbour towards the lights of Wellington city.
Then slept the night in the lap of luxury

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