Day 4 – Walking on a Wild & Windy Wednesday

We wandered downstairs at the wonderful hour of 9:30am to be served breakfast.
How delectable and relaxing.
Jasmin had prepared enough food to feed an army.
We had a selection of fresh fruit, yoghurt, toasted muesli, bircher muesli, stewed apples, several bread & crumpet selections with lots of spreads and then when we were stuffed full on all of that she produced 2 enormous plates full of eggs, bacon, mushroom, tomatoes, teeny tiny sausages & spinach on toast
We did justice to all of that and relaxed over a pot of herbal tea and the newspaper.
Then we rolled ourselves upstairs and collapsed on the lounge sofas and watched a dvd for the rest of the morning.
It was ‘The Pianist’ and watching it on the enormous screen really did it justice.
What an incredibly intense movie.
I had heard about it but till now never seen it.
It was totally gripping and despite all the odds Tim never went to sleep through it!!

When that finished we donned our jackets and headed outdoors to meet Eilidh and walked with her to Days Bay.
It was windy, but not raining.
Just perfect for a walk.

We were heading to a recommended cafe but on arrival found it was shutting so we went to ‘Sugar’ just along a bit and had the most delicious smoothies.
I had a rhubarb, strawberry & apple one – very yummy.

It was fun checking out all the quaint houses along the hillsides as we walked.
They are built in the most precarious places, in to the cliffs and tucked up in the bush and on ridge tops.
Eilidh and I got side tracked in a lovely gift/craft/art shop and when we eventually found the exit Tim was already way up ahead wandering along the beach.

We walked back along the beach side dodging oncoming cars.

This would have to be the most interesting house we saw.
It is tucked right between the road and the cliff face.

We moved off the road and walked along the beach for a while.
The Bluebridge ferry was coming into harbour.
This is the Rona Bay wharf, built in 1906 and is now has an Historic Places Trust listing.
It is mainly used for fishing from these days.

Tim was beach combing as we walked and was quite rapt to actually find 2 gumboots together – not normal to find a pair – well they weren’t really a pair but nearly

Looking back towards Days Bay.

Looking across the harbour towards the Mirimar peninsular and the city under the misty grey clouds.

There were lots of these wee oyster catchers running abut the beach.

The tourists!

We wandered back along the back streets of Eastbourne looking at all the houses and gardens.
Admiring plants and some of the historic homes.

We got back to the B&B and said our goodbyes to Eilidh.
We had walked around 5.4km and my hip joints were really feeling the strain so was very glad we weren’t walking any further.
We had time to come back and rest for an hour or so before dinner.
We had dinner downstairs with Jasmin, Alan and family.
It was delicious.
Chicken curry with all the trimmings followed by rhubarb cake.
I can thoroughly recommend this B&B.
Very comfortable and friendly and as private as you want.

We staggered upstairs (I am so going to have to re-sign my Weight Watchers membership when I get home after all of this wonderful fare), had a spa in the rain before lazing back in bed watching ‘The Duchess’ on my laptop till nearly midnight.
It was a really interesting story with sumptuous costumes and sets.
Don’t think I would cope with living as a female back in those times

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