WoW – an amazing show!!

It was still raining so we were deliberating as to the best way to get to the WoW venue.
Car, bus, walk….
Decided car and park beneath the TSB Arena despite costs!
So I got to drive this time.
Tim doesn’t enjoy driving in the city especially after dark.
We got down there around 5:30pm and found Mat & Sunni in a nearby bar.
Went with them to Latitude 41 and had a quick light dinner.
Then ran across the courtyard to the Arena and had fun seeing some of the interesting folk who were greeting us all.

Love this photo of Tim with some of the chorus girls

This interesting young woman spoke in an Eastern European accent and talked a load of contrived waffle.
She was happy to pose with the handsome guys.
Here she is with Mat

and Tim –
who was able to match her conversation!

This fella with the rabbit and fox fur was presumably French.
Well, he tried

And this young lady – an interesting fashion statement to say the least!

The show began at 8pm and was an absolute extravaganza.
Well worth coming over to.
Loved it.
There was so much going on it was amazing.

It finished at 10.
With no intermission, but felt like it had only just begun when it was over.

We met up with Mat & Sunni and zipped them up to the railway station to catch their train.
But due to a landslide and resulting train crash there were buses there to take them back to Cat’s yacht.

We drove past The Ambeli.
It was till open and there was conveniently a park just across the road so we just had to stop and go see Shae and have dessert.
They were delicious.
Service was amazing.
A wonderful restaurant and one I want to go back to for a special full meal.
Well done Shae!

Got back to our bed around midnight and crashed out.


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