After lunch Tim went to Bush Inn to help Roger load up the generator.
It had burnt out and needed to be taken back to town to be fixed.

By the time he got back it was getting quite late in the day but he had promised to take the kids up the hill skidder boarding.
He ended up with 9 from 8 years to 24 years!!
They all had a ball.

While they were away Chrissy & I had a play with the Cuttlebug and then collapsed in front of a dvd of Bill Bailey.

Shanni took some brilliant photos and she has generously allowed me to use a few.

Here’s Nathan skidding along behind in his boots!

Yari upending off his board.

There was a lot of hi-jinks going on.
The boys found some very fresh cow pats which they took great delight in throwing about!

They had a lot of fun and were very excited and full of it all when they arrived back.
I didn’t have to do anything for dinner.
Just ate left overs.
Then everyone crashed out.
No after dinner socialising this time

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