An unexpected day of renovations

Tim had finally conceded that my 30 year old benchline oven was actually not terribly economical anymore.
I am heart broken to be doing away with my ceramic hobs and self cleaning oven.
But the thought of having a thermowave oven is very, very appealing.
So when I was able to get this 2nd hand reconditioned one I thought it was a pretty good idea.

I had asked Cat if she thought she would be able to install it for me while she was home.
She said she would.
After breakfast today Tim took the guys out working on the hills this morning.
Then Cat attacked the kitchen.
I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo of my old faithful workhorse before it was shifted.
Here it is on the first phase of it’s journey out the door.

Cat & Leeann stripping out all the gear.

Where it used to sit.
The frame work was built when Cat was a toddler.
It is very fitting that she is the one demolishing it.
I have vivid memories of her following her Daddy around helping him with the hammer and nails.
She was doing her apprenticeship way back then!
After a quick consult it was decided to rip out all the shelving around the oven and fridge and start again.

The kids were asked to come wash walls in preparation for painting.
Shanni wasn’t really into doing a lot today.
So she did a bit of a swipe around with the sponge and then left the other two to it.

Then Leeann bogged up all the holes.

Cat doing the high parts

Carina sanded it all once it was dry.

I don’t pay the kids for chores.
But they both are wanting to save up at the moment.
Shanni is working towards a new camera and Mahalia towards her trip to Australia.
So they were offered a paying job – cleaning all the moss off the front of the house.
Shanni was not in a working mood and spent most of the arvo reclining with her book.
Mahalia got into it with great gusto and did a brilliant job.

Azzan peeled the spuds for dinner.

Cat managed to make the last of ‘the’ green paint spin out to cover the wall.
I bought some a few years back to paint our bedroom.
The guy at the shop worked out what I would need.
He sold me 20L!
It has since covered several bedrooms and the lounge.
Just as well I like the colour!!
It tones nicely with the pale yellow on the other walls.
Cat is going to suss out some more creamy yellow paint to repaint the rest of the walls when she comes home next time
Nothing like a new coat of paint to freshen the place up.

Cat cutting up the shelving.

Leeann & Mahalia sanding the new bench.

Nothing like an impromptu renovation.
More pics tomorrow as it is a work in progress.

I had a large pot of turkey bones that has been cooking away since Sunday.
Carina stripped the meat off the bones this morning.
Then I used the electric wok to cook up carrots, onions, celery and leeks to add to the stock and made a huge pot of turkey broth.
It looks luscious and rich.
Tim had also taken pumpkin soup from the freezer.
So I heated that in the wok too.
Between the wok and the wood stove I was able to cook quite happily without the electric stove.

After I finished that I made more cards in between doing banking etc.
So my day was full and busy too as I revolved around the building.

4 thoughts on “An unexpected day of renovations

  1. Exciting changes!  I’m looking forward to seeing the finished work.  (I’ve already noticed that green in your bedroom  — I like it, too!)I’m curious about the “thermowave” oven.  I suppose it’s not a microwave…  What makes it different from a plain ol’ oven?

  2. @KirbysWyfe – I am sure you have the same ovens Kari but just with a different name – maybe a fan bake?? They have a fan in them to distribute the heat so you can cook many trays of baking etc at once. In my old oven I could only bake one tray at a time.

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