Labour Day

Monday morning was quite busy.
Tim went around to Waterfall as the guests were leaving.

Cat took Leeann & Sebastian out in Windflower for a mornings diving.
Anson waited for Roger to arrive at 9am so he could help him load the generator onto the boat.
I got Julien & Romain to stack fire wood in the shed and bring down a few barrow fulls of wood to the house.
Carina hung out washing and did dishes etc.
Then once Anson was ready he took them over to Waterfall Bay.
Tim had a line up of jobs for them.
Carina cleaned the Lodge.
Romain mowed the lawns.
Julien sanded and painted some of the buildings that Tim wanted to tidy up.
Chrissy, Russell, Azzan, Joel & Shoshannah walked around the track.
They helped with some of the cleaning too.
They drove back with Anson and he stopped to show them the very large tree in the bush just below the road.
The children had a great time climbing all the vines on it.

Mahalia & Asher stayed back and played here.
I spent the few hours I had to myself making cards.
I am really enjoying having my art corner all clean & tidy again.
It is most conducive to activating my creative spirit

They all arrived back for a late lunch.
When Seb arrived back he was pretty keen to pack and up and head to town before it got too late.
He has to start work very early in the morning so likes to be organised and in bed not too late.
Chrissy & Russell packed up but didn’t end up leaving until after 5pm.
Anson & Nathan were picked up at the wharf by the neighbours across the way.
They have a weeks work tailing lambs for them.
Nathan was really keen to go as he has a goal now to save for a big trip he is planning with Jesika next year.
He was mentally adding up the proposed amount of days and hours of work and multiplying it by his expected hourly wages and I could see the dollar signs flashing in his eyes
He is also hoping for a lot of summer work with Anson too to help achieve his goal.

Dinner was very quiet and easy.
There were only 10 of us.
We had fresh fish that Cat & co had caught.
I made mashed potatoes & parsley, coleslaw and a stir fry to go with it.
We also had rhubarb & apple crumble with ice cream.
The bay was really pretty.
So calm that the sunset was reflecting in the eastern sky and onto the bay.

I had a soak in the spa with Tim and then finished reading my book.
It is a fantastic story.
How an uppity cat helped heal a family
by Helen Brown.
Chrissy had lent it to me weeks ago.
I have always enjoyed Helen’s columns.
She has such a way with words.
This is the first actual book of hers I have read.
It is so brutally honest.
You laugh with her and cry with her.
I thoroughly recommend it.

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