Nathan’s 15th Birthday party

While the others were occupied with spoils of the hunt, I spent all morning getting food ready for lunch.
I made Persian couscous, an Indonesian brown rice salad, hot potatoes with garlic butter, lettuce salad, garlic bread.

Tim carved up the turkey.
It had cooked beautifully the evening before.
Everyone who ate it said it was tender and delicious.
A few of us couldn’t face it for various reasons along it’s chain of demise – Chrissy, Cat & myself to name but three

Of course Nick & Yari were totally helpful while we were getting ready for lunch – not!
Life is so exhausting when you are 15 and 16!!

We had lots of pre lunch nibbles.
Nuts & raisins, chips, Doritos, carrot sticks and lots of different dips.

We weren’t too sure whether to welcome this mystery guest or not??

We waited for Louisa & Roger to arrive back from tiki touring in their boat.
They arrived back around 2pm.
Just in time for Sunday lunch!
No sense in rushing the day.

  Most ate outside as it was a beautiful day.

Then a bit later we managed to squeeze in some dessert.
Nathan didn’t want a cake.
He just asked if I would make gallons of Ambrosia!!
I did make a cake.
It was a new recipe.
Jo Seager’s Big Chocolate Birthday Cake.
It was delicious.
A mixture of chocolate, cocoa and sour cream so an interesting texture.
Iced with chocolate.
It was so rich that it defied decoration.

Nathan was very happy with the quantity of Ambrosia.
I used 3 litres of cream and 3 litres of yogurt to make it!!

The card made him smile.
It actually sings ‘Happy Birthday to Nathan’

Nathan didn’t get a huge pile of pressies this year cuz he got a brand spanking new cell phone of his very own!!

I also gave him a funny drinking glass with a sparkling LED light in the bottom and a book all about knives throughout the ages and the world.

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