A relatively uneventful day in town

The alarm went off at 5am.
I was definitely not at all ready to wake up.
But I staggered out of bed and we all got ourselves dressed and into the Terrano and we were gone by 5:45am.
Had to stop off up the top to get Carina’s bags and then a quick stop at Anson’s for Shanni to find a library book she had lent him.
We had a delightfully quiet trip to town.
Got them in time to do a few jobs on the way to dropping the kids at riding by 9am.
The kids computer had died so I dropped that into Pete.
He got it all sussed very quickly.
It is an older iMac G3 so I am keeping it running by the skin of it’s teeth because I have so many educational kids games that will only play on it.
Our new iMacs are too new – crazy eh?

Then it was back into town.
Said goodbye to Carina at the Info Centre and rocked up to the hairdressers for my 10am fringe cut.
I was getting rather wool blind so was glad to take advantage of their free fringe cut offer.
Shanni explored Toyworld while I got some bank stuff done.
We had time for a quick look around Mariposa.
Shanni loves the clothes there too.
I took her to piano and sat in the Terrano eating my fallafel while waiting for Chrissy to arrive with Hali & Azzan.
They arrived and had their lunch.
When Shanni was finished I left M&A there and took Shanni to speech.
Zipped back to Mariposa to meet Chrissy.
I had seen a dress there I thought might be okay to wear to Bri & Nick’s wedding.
However it looked awful on so I left it and bought 2 other summer tops instead.
Might have to have a look in Christchurch for a ‘mother of the bride’ dress.
Then again, might have to get off my butt and loose the 5 kgs I have just put back on then I might find something I feel good in

I picked up the 3 children and then dropped Shanni at clarinet, the other two at gymnastics.
Had time to pop into town and get myself a frappacino before picking up Shanni and getting her to gym.
I had about 40mins chatting with Chrissy and Margaret before having to zip the kids to dance and Shanni & I to chiropractor.
I took the first appointment and left Shanni there so I could go and pick up M&A.
Leeann was waiting there for me.
She had hitched a ride out with Graham the day before.
We loaded her stuff into the car and then went to watch Azzan dance.
When it was time to leave I realised I had locked my keys in the car
Leeann was able to get my spare key and unlock it so no drama.
I whizzed into Medlab and had a blood test then we picked up Shanni.
Leeann took the kids off to pick up their computer while I had my massage therapy.
My shoulder was really bad and very sore so I was very grateful for that massage.
Leeann took the kids to the playground at Tahunanui while they waited for me.
Then we zipped around the supermarket and grabbed a few things to eat on the way home.
Had a good drive back home.
The kids played at Okiwi Bay for 10mins and then watched a movie.
We got back home at 10pm and after unpacking the Terrano, had a quick dinner which I had left prepared.

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