A stormy couple of days

I was up and busy Friday morning.
I always try and cut the kids some slack on the day after town as we are all tired.
Shanni was not coping terribly well.
Despite being very tired she did all of her jobs plus more, but when she was asked/expected by her older sister to do her brother’s jobs as well she cracked.
I found her crying in her room.
It is a hard time for the kids.
The younger ones love their older siblings but they often feel like they have too many ‘parents’ telling them what to do.
So I had to go into damage control mode

Anson was crutching sheep all morning.
Romain and Nathan were helping.
Tim & Julien were up the hill splitting up firewood.

The paddle from the breadmaker had disappeared over night so Tim couldn’t make any bread.
He asked me to try and find it when he left for work.
Normally it stays in the bucket and gets put back into the breadmaker.
But for some reason someone had taken it out of the bread and put it in a coffee cup amongst the dirty dishes.
I searched all the places it might have been put by people who wouldn’t know.
I cleaned out every kitchen drawer – good opportunity to clean and sort things so took the chance to biff out rubbish and excess equipment.
Searched all through the pots etc and then finally had a look in the pig scraps.
And there it was!!
We deduced that someone must have looked briefly in the cup and thought it a teabag and tipped it into the scraps.
When I told Tim later he admitted that it may have been him

Nathan & Anson had arrived back from their tailing job on Thursday afternoon.
Nathan was pleased with earning some wages but was pretty slacked off about the tax being taken off.
Welcome to the real world Nathan

Tim spotted this baby seal sunbathing on the mussel floats just out from the house.
Guess they would be lovely and warm and much smoother than rocks!

The mailboat arrived around 1pm.
Azzan was very happy to have the responsibility of taking the bag down.
I had a call from my doctor’s nurse to say my iron levels have plummeted – again.
The  ferritin 13 and haemoglobin 105.
That is the lowest they have been in 2 years.
Back in June I was celebrating the fact they had climbed to 22 & 126.
When things really hit the fan for me healthwise back in mid 2004 the levels were 3.5 and 100.
It has been an ongoing constant battle ever since
Oh well, back on to taking iron supplements twice a day and see if I can build up again.


A southerly storm is blowing through at present.
It has been really rough in the bay all day.
Cat & Leeann have to head across the Strait tomorrow morning to get back to work so we are praying it will die down over night.
The waves are really pounding in tonight.
Really hope that it will blow itself out while we sleep and it won’t be too rough for them.

I spent time with Azzan & Mahalia helping them with their piano practice this morning.
They are doing well

Cat was trying to put the plate rack back up  today.
There was quite a lot of shenanigans going on!
Every time she got the board in place Leeann would poke her in the ribs.
She eventually managed to get it level.

Leeann made dinner tonight.
On Cat’s request she made a steak & oyster pie.
She kept a few oysters back and fried them up for me cuz I don’t like venison.
While she was cooking I went to bed and had an arvo sleep.
I had quite a few things I needed to do but was to weary to think straight.
I was really tired and told everyone that I wasn’t getting up for anyone or anything unless the house was on fire!!
So I actually managed to get a few hours sleep.
Felt so much better when I got up just before dinner.

I took these photos tonight.
Doesn’t the kitchen look 100 times better than a few days ago??

Nathan & Cat sorting out some music on his laptop.

Tim & the French guys have gone around to watch rugby at Anson’s.
Cat & Leeann have headed off for an early night as they are leaving at 5am.
It takes around 10 hours to sail across the Strait and they have to be back by tomorrow night for work on Monday.

2 thoughts on “A stormy couple of days

  1. I love how open and organized (and, not to mention tidy!!) it is.  How do you keep the plates from sliding/rolling out? I’ve been really wanting to set up a plate cabinet (home/hand made) but don’t rightly know how to get it safe so I don’t lose the lot in one big, door-slam moment.  Know what you mean with low-iron.  I’ll be praying for you!  –also, how do you ever manage with such a tiny fridge with such a large family????????

  2. @alehoo – The rack was made by a joiner friend of ours. I am guessing the bottom of the shelves are on a very slight inward sloping angle. Plates have never rolled out. No doors to slam  This is not our only fridge. I have a large one in the washhouse that I use for veges and excess. Plus we have several large freezers. I do not store the likes of milk as we use powdered milk. That would take up a lot of space if we did.

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