Wednesday stuff.

Wednesday was a glorious day.
Tim took the troops over to Waterfall for a working bee.
Cat & Leeann went over to cut up all the venison and pork they had brought back from D’Urville.

I asked Shanni to take my camera and get a photo of Carina and she came back with dozens of the house and garden!!
I eliminated down to these pix below.
Mahalia finished cleaning the front of the house.
Looks all sparkly and ready for summer now.

The garden is getting over run by weeds so I asked Carina to attack them.
They are pretty easy to pull as we spread pea straw over all the garden before the winter.
And the weeds are creepy things so look bad and cover lots of space but don’t take much to get out.

A cute wee miniature manuka in full flower.

Meanwhile, I was inside making more food.
Mahalia had asked for lasagne so she helped me make it.

We love lots of veges in our lasagne.
I added heaps of raw silverbeet under the layers of pasta.
It cooks down well and makes it so much more yummier.
I also made cauliflower in a coconut cream sauce and roast veges plus a large carrot cake to keep the troops happy while I was in town.

 Cat spent the arvo making the new shelves.

The bench slab in place.

Looking betterer and betterer

I was absolutely exhausted by lunch time.
I needed to go and have a sleep so went and lay down.
Had only been there for half an hour when Graham arrived.
He hasn’t been home for a while so I got up to see him and gave him some lunch.
When he left I went back to bed.
Then an hour or so later I got a phone call that Tim got me up to take.
I was feeling so grotty.
My head was not in a good place.
I was trying to get dinner on.
It is quite hard when there are so many people coming and going in our house.
I can’t deal with people when I am feeling like this.
I tend to go very intro.
I have been a bit suspicious that my iron levels have gone down.
I have been having a few personal issues lately which have all been contributing to that.
Haven’t had a blood test for a few months so mentally scheduled one.
Glen & Tik just got back from Thailand and came over to say hullo.

After dinner the 3 wwoofers said goodbye as Carina was leaving with the kids and me early the next morning.

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