Catching up with a few friends & family in Chch

Well, that was a short night!
I was woken at 6:49am by a 4.1 quake.
It was only 1km deep so I felt it!
Since then there has been another 6 but I never felt any of them – thankfully!
After breakfast Christine drove past the Isaac Theatre Royal so I could book tickets for The Nutcracker.
Then she dropped me off in Riccarton.
I found Russell’s Shoes.
It had a big closing down sale on.
I had so much fun.
I always have major problems buying shoes – esp nice dressy ones.
I have always known I had ‘big wide’ feet.
However, when I tried on a few pairs the lady was so helpful and commented that I had a lovely shaped foot and it actually wasn’t ‘big’, and that I had lovely slim ankles.
That was such a lovely compliment to hear after all the years of negativity in that area
A couple of my girls had told me to try Kumf Ziera shoes
I now have and will from now on go back to them.
I came out smiling, with 3 pairs of lovely shoes at majorly bargain prices – a successful shop

I got to Starbucks just in time to meet up with my dear friend Robyn.
We sat and caught up for an hour or so.
It was lovely.
Then we raced off in different directions.
I had a few moments to look about the mall before meeting my cousin Sally at Coffee Culture for lunch.
We lounged back in the outdoor eating area and chatted for another hour plus.
Bri arrived at 2pm.
We then went for some more retail therapy.
She tried to help me find a dress for her wedding but nothing I tried worked.
Bri was running late for her swimming date with Nick so she zipped me back to Christine & Les’s. at 5pm.
In exchange for bringing down the ice axe for her she left me with a pile of wedding invitations to distribute

It was really warm and I was quite tired so was glad to just stop a while.
I laid on my bed and rested until dinner time.
Christine was keen to go to the movies but there really wasn’t anything too interesting on and I was really tired so we just crashed out.
I blobbed on the sofa in front of the tv and watched some interesting documentaries and interviews.
Went off to bed around 10 and then ended up reclining on my pillow chatting on the phone for a while with Sue before falling asleep sometime after 11pm.

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