A day in the city and a night at the ballet

We were in no hurry to move this morning so just chilled until around 11:30am.
When we went to get in the car we almost cooked.
The day had heated up so much the Terrano was like an oven.
It was sposed to be a 25’C high today but at midday it was already 25’C in the shade.
Outside it was scorching hot.
The air conditioning in the vehicle couldn’t get us cool enough.

I had a couple of things to do in Rangiora which took about an hour.
I got some new wiper blades which I now have to get fitted.
I called into an auto electrician to see if he could fix my lights.
It turned out that one of them was faulty because the cable had almost burned through and a clip had fallen off among a few other things.
The guy was really helpful and fixed it all up and replaced the bulbs with stronger ones.
So hopefully my night driving will now be somewhat easier on the eyes.

When we got to Chch we went to a carpark building.
It was way cooler in there.
We browsed in a huge book sale shop.
Found a few books.
Nathan zipped them back up to the car so we didn’t have to lug them around.
Then we wandered into the Square.
We got some cold drinks and food for an early dinner.
The boys had frankfurters and we girls had baked potatoes with heaps of fillings – Yum!
It was nice sitting in the shade to eat.
The temperatures were beginning to lessen thankfully.
Some girls began busking while we ate.
They were Irish dancing.

We walked back to the car.
Stopped briefly for Nathan to try on some jeans.
Left them in the shop as he is growing too fast and they were only just long enough.
We will try somewhere else that has longer leg length ones.
Then we got the car and cruised the streets looking for a cheap place to park for the evening.
But because it was Friday night there was nothing.
So we ended up parking in another building near the theatre.
We went to a public toilet and freshened up and changed clothes.
Then we walked to the Isaac Theatre Royal to watch the dancers warming up.
Azzan chose to sit right down the front.
He was almost climbing on to the stage!
He and Hali were sussing out which dancers they knew.
Azzan was quite impressed with Yang’s leg stretches.
It was also Katie’s last time dancing with the company and the last time she would be dancing in her home city of Christchurch.

I was very impressed with a couple of the male dancers legs.
They had quads worthy of rugby players!!
Jacob at front of the barre here was amazingly strong and was doing handstands and splits upside down.

We had time to go for a quick walk and get some drinks before the show began at 6:30pm.
Azzan was tired.
Thursday had been busy and long.
Friday was hot.
He had several melt downs.
Nothing too public.
Just frustrating for us cause he just gets difficult and goes dog.
I don’t put up with it at all but also realise that he is only little still and he does get tired.

When we were getting our drinks he was dancing around Starbucks and then somehow got into an altercation with Nathan over something and ended up in tears.
He then decided he wanted to go home and wasn’t going to the show
I said I was going so that was that.
He then wanted to go wait in the car.
I said he was too young.
Then he asked if Nathan could stay in the car with him!
I guess their altercation wasn’t that upsetting after all!!

We were seated up in the Circle.
It was a good viewing spot but Azzan had couldn’t see too well so I sat him on my knee.
He was a bit squirmy.
The curtain rose and ‘The Nutcracker’ began.
The first part was really funny and he laughed all through it.
Then in a particularly quiet part of the ballet he made a very loud fart
He was quieter after that but still squidged around a bit.
About half way through the first half he asked me if ‘this is the finale’?
When we got to the interval and the lights went on he announced,
Well, that was amazing.’!

We stretched out legs and chatted with Magdala & Jamin in the foyer.
Then it was back for the second half.
It was great.
The first half was certainly the best.
But the dancing doctors were really funny and all the children in the theatre were laughing.
Azzan had been leaning back against me and then when the ‘Waltz of the Flowers‘ began he straightened up, his arms went into position and he began dancing whilst sitting on my knee.

When it the ballet was over Nathan announced,
That was freakin’ awesome.’
I am very glad that both boys enjoyed it

We met Louisa in the foyer.
She was waiting for Madeline and Oliver.
They had been sitting downstairs.
Mahalia & Madeline had a quick catch up with each other.

Then we zipped up the street and caught up with Nicky Dave and some of their kids.
They had been upstairs.
Several others we knew were at the show to but we never saw them.
It was a full house.
Chatted as we walked back to our cars and then we headed back to Rangiora.
Azzan was hungry and was asking for fast food.
I saw a Burger King so pulled into the drive through.
It was incredibly slow.
I have never eaten there before (I don’t do fast junk food)  but was hungry too so bit the bullet and ordered a chicken burger along with the boys orders.
I am not too sure if it was just because I was hungry, but it was really good

We got back to Rangiora and Nathan got picked up by James.
He is staying the night just around the corner with him and his big bro Andrew.
Hopefully they will get some sleep.
I got a big goodnight hug from Nathan – nice

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