When I went to bed last night Azzan was not on my bed.
I found him on the floor with his pillow and sleeping bag.
He looked quite comfortable there so I left him to it.
This morning he stayed asleep longer than any of us!
I had to wake him before 8:30 so he could come into town with us.

We met Tim & Romain at the library.
I left the kids there to choose books.
We dropped Romain off at the bus stop.
It was very sad to have to say goodbye after the fun filled 6 weeks he has been with us.
But he is planning on returning later on so it really was only au revoir

We then went to do some business at the lawyers office.
I zipped back to pick up the children.
They had a mountain of books!
Tim had to pick up his tyre which was being fixed.
He discovered last night that it had picked up a huge bolt so was rather flat!!

  We went back to the house to pack the cars.
I sorted out all the stuff we didn’t need to take to Christchurch and left it in Tim’s Safari.
We were finally all packed and left Blenheim at 11:30.
It was a glorious day.
Absolutely beautiful for traveling down the East Coast.
Although it was almost too calm.

We stopped for a picnic at Oaro before we left the coast and headed inland.
The children were straight down the beach and onto the rocks.

They were having fun leaping off them onto the sand.

A seagull came to visit while we were eating.
It was very hot,
I enjoyed the sun for the short time we were there but it was enough.
I am a rather pinkish colour now.

I drove all the way.
We arrived at Rangiora at 4:30pm.
I dumped off Tim & the children and went into town to do a little retail therapy.
I found a couple of lovely dresses in Farmers sale.
The children played a board game with Emma.

Shanni went off to youth group with the girls.
Adrian & Erica had a dinner to go to so Tim and I went over the road with the Azzan & Mahalia and spent the evening with Nicky & Dave.
Dave cooked up a delicious bbq for dinner and taught Azzan some basic ballet rudiments.
It’s really good for Azzan to get tips from experienced male dancers.
I now know how he should be doing a plié and which mussels he should be using training to do it correctly!

We finally dragged ourselves away after 10pm.
The girls had just gotten home.
Shanni really enjoyed herself.
She has only been to one other youth group and was much happier at this one.
He comment was that it was much quieter and Bible based.
They still had fun and played water bombing games

Everyone is now in bed and I am about to follow.
It has been a good day – just hot and long.

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