Boxing Day

It was a gorgeous day.

Tim & Nathan went over to Waterfall.
Tim & Glen are trying to get the roofing job finished and Nathan mowed the lawns.
Eare & Alan came to visit.
Eare was very tearful.
She needed to tell me about the accident and cried on my shoulder.
I do hope she won’t take too long to get over the shock.
I know very well how she feels.
Even after 26 years I still recall vividly when we rolled our landrover over the bank.

David & Eilidh came just in time to help me with some food prep.
We made a huge quinnoa salad, gallons of macaroni cheese, boysenberry & white choc muffins.
David peeled a mountain of potatoes!
Laura kept herself busy washing dishes – they seem endless at times!

Azzan was kind of droopy off and on throughout the day.
I have been checking him for chickenpox as he was exposed to it just over 2 weeks ago.
He had a bit of a temp and was rather soporific at times.
Then in between he was up and bouncing.

I was expecting friends to arrive for lunch.
Tim was also due back for lunch.
So at midday when there was no sign of anyone I announced that lunch would be at 1pm.
So all the guys who had been hanging about waiting for food took off to do other things.
The 3 children went swimming with David & Eilidh.

Shanni has allowed me to share these photos taken on her new & wonderful Panasonic Lumix waterproof camera

David & Eilidh jumping.

Azzan in full flight.

Time for a rest David?


Well, I guess that’s one way to ride a surfboard Eilidh!!

Then around 1:30 our guests arrived.
Chris & Suz and their daughter Gabrielle & Simon and baby Eva.
We hadn’t seen Chris & Suz for near on 20 years so it was so good to see them again and catch up.
It was during the early 1980 years that Chris was our local minister/pastor.
God used his ministry to bring Tim into the Kingdom and to draw me back.

Tim was late getting back for lunch so by the time he arrived we had all eaten and the kids were ready to head off fishing & diving.
The eventually left around 4pm. 
Our guests had to leave soon after as Eva had had enough of visiting!

I hope it won’t be another 20 years till we catch up guys!
It was so cool to see you all again

I then found Shanni & Mahalia playing with the Lego.
Shanni didn’t know the others had gone and very bravely tried not to cry when she realised she had been left behind.
Then miracle of miracles, we saw the ’88 South’ coming back in.
I called Shanni and told her to get her stuff and move it to the wharf.
Cat had forgotten some of her dive gear which was extremely fortuitous for Shanni.
They swung by the wharf and she jumped onboard.

Azzan had wilted majorly by then so Mahalia made him a bed and they watched ‘Toy Story 3’ together.
I took my heatpack and went to bed and watched a movie.
Russ & Laura had walked around the track to Waterfall Bay but couldn’t face the return journey so TIm drove over to pick them up.

We had cooked a huge rolled roast of beef in the slow cooker.
We had that with mashed potatoes, stirfry veges and creamed corn.
Dessert was rhubarb & apple crumble.
We ate in stages.
I fed Mahalia & Azzan first and read them a story.
They love it when I have the time to read to them while they eat.
Then Laura, Russ, Tim arrived back so we ate.
It was lovely and quiet and peaceful.
Then everyone arrived back from fishing so the hoards were fed.
It was nearly 10pm by the time dinner was all cleaned up.
Eilidh & I made Tirimisu once everyone had disappeared off to bed.
It is so much easier to cook when it is quiet and peaceful!

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