Monday – a storm brewing

I really cannot remember too much about Monday.
Too much has happened since then.
If I haven’t photographed or Facebooked about it my memory cells just cannot recall things these days

I do know that I did a heap of cooking to feed all the multitudes here.
I made Tirimisu and jellies and trifle for dessert.

Anson was getting ready to leave for town the next morning so he and Tim did a late pre-dinner muster of sheep as he had to take some out with him.

At dinner we gave Leeann her birthday present.

She turned 30 last week but escaped so so she wouldn’t have to endure a party
So we got her anyway

Leeann gave Nathan an army beret.
I think he thinks he is now part of the Foreign Legion or something.
He wears it constantly!

This is what happens to relatively sane people when they get exposed to us for too long

The Wahl’s were s’posed to be leaving the next morning so there were the obligatory photos to be taken before they left.
Russ & Laura, Tim & I.

David & Eilidh with Tim & me.

Everyone headed off to bed and left Eilidh, David, Tim & me chatting.
We talked till about 12:30am.
A real good storm was blowing by this stage.
They were forecasting 45knot northerly winds.

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