Wednesday – let’s go camping!

Wednesday was a glorious day.
We still had no power or phone.
Bri & Nick let me use their laptop and T-stick so I could do some catching up on the internet.
I got really sunburned o the back of my neck while I sat outside checking emails etc.
The sun was intense.

The troops decided to head off out to D’Urville Island for a camping/fishing/ diving trip.
So it was all go packing up gear and getting ready.

Azzan said he didn’t want to go.
I told him that was absolutely fine.
Then he came to me later and asked if I would be all right here by myself if he went.
I assured him I would be totally fine and that I would love to have some time to myself.
To which he replied, ‘That’s good, cuz I really want to go but I didn’t want you to be lonely.’ 

Cat left at midday with Bri, Nick, Abby, Phoebe, Shanni, Hali & Azzan.

You can see how the storm has twisted and crossed the mussel lines behind the yacht.


The pohutakawa trees are in full bloom at the moment.
They are referred to as the New Zealand Christmas tree.



Tim was flat out busy.
I realised just before he left that he hadn’t stopped to eat all day so by the time they were due to leave he was totally exhausted.
Leeann & I made him some cheese toasties and Nathan took him down and ice cream to eat as they left.
Anson was on his way home from Nelson and Nick’s friend Johnny was driving up from Chch.
They both arrived around 6pm.
Tim took Alan, Nathan, Leeann & Johnny and they left around 7pm and headed out to D’Urville to meet the others at the northern end in Port Hardy.
We have guests staying in The Cottage – that is their boat at the wharf.

Tim & crew got there at 10ish in the pitch black.
Tim was quite relieved that Cat spotted them coming in as there were a lot of boats moored up and he couldn’t see enough to tell which was hers.

Anson came and had dinner with me.
He showed me how to turn the generator on and off and then went home to bed.
He was pretty weary.
Then power came back on around 10pm.
I went around the house disconnecting the generator extension cords, turned off the noisy engine and went to bed and started watching a miniseries I got from the library.
‘Rich Man, Poor Man’.
It is based on Irving Shaw’s novel by the same name.
I turned off my light at 12:30am.

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