A southerly Sunday

I was woken by an earthquake at 4:25am.
It was a 4.4 and centred about 50kms south east of us.
Went back to sleep and woke up a few hours later feeling absolutely rubbish.
I got up and found some Paracetamol and lay in the spa.
Nearly went back to sleep in there.
My head was aching and I all of a sudden thought I was going to throw up.
I hopped back into bed and went back to sleep.
Was woken by the phone and was quite shocked to see I had slept though till 10:30am.

Our visitors were definitely coming and would be arriving in an hour so I staggered out to the kitchen and tried to feel alive.
It was pretty darned hard

Azzan came to see me.
He had found another way to have fun with the magnets from his Jishaku game!

It really was lovely to see Harold & Jana when they arrived.
We haven’t seen them in far too long – it may even be several years.
Graham arrived down too so we all enjoyed fellowship together.

It was a really scuddy day and getting worse by the hour.
Tim lit the sitting room fire it was getting so cold.

Despite the weather the kids wanted to go swimming.
The southerly was pounding in on the beach and the water was pretty murky and the tide was low.
All the better for an exciting swim I guess!

I spent a lovely time with Jana until it was time for them to leave around 5pm.
I was very glad I had made a casserole yesterday.
Tim heated it up and cooked some rice so dinner was easy.

David & Sasha took their boat out and went for a dive across the bay.
They joined the kids in the spa after their swim.

Tonight is the last night Beth & Emma are here these holidays.
The kids are trying to prolong their time together as much as possible.
Tim got called away to the phone just as he was about to read stories so they were all very happy to find things to do.

Mahalia & Beth were trying to brain their way through a Clue Finders game on the computer.
It foiled me so I reckoned they did well to suss it out.

Beth, Azzan & Shanni played a new game.
Monopoly Deal.
The Davidson kids introduced it to them and then gave them a game when they left.
They love it.

Beth has taught Shanni how to weave friendship bracelets so that is all the go here now.
She managed to squirrel some of my embroidery threads from my stash.
Sasha taught her how to make a different type today.
She also has been weaving in little beads to make them a bit more interesting.

It is pouring with rain tonight.
The southerly is really pounding in now.
The wind is blowing rain against the windows.
So much for my clean windows
It is a bleak, cold, miserable night.
I am very glad to be inside.

I am feeling a bit better tonight.
Not so sick but still very lethargic and headachey.
Am wondering if it is the same thing Nathan brought back from camp.

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